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OMEGA Co-Axial Chronometer – The best animated commercial ever made – Austin Visuals Reports

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OMEGA Co-Axial Chronometer – The best animated commercial ever made – Austin Visuals Reports


Every once in awhile a piece of Animation is made in this world that captures the hearts and minds of the world. Recently released and aired on Television, Youtube, and all major forms of social media. This Animation made for OMEGA watches is one of the most beautiful commercials we’ve seen in some time and of course something this remarkable we can assure you will be selling tons of watches. This find has been brought to you by the Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio Team. Enjoy the Animation.

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OMEGA’s Co-Axial Chronometers are crafted to a standard unmatched by any other industrialised mechanical watch movement. In OMEGA’s new film, the viewer is drawn into the world of the Co-Axial Chronometer through spellbinding animated sequences expressing the perfection of nature elegantly interacting with man-made gearwheels and other elements of mechanical watch movements. All of the elements – natural and man-made – appear to be regulated by clockwork gears. Intriguingly, all of the watch mechanisms and gears are perfect 3D renderings of components found in the OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 9300 chronograph movement.


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