Guillermo del Toro (one of the big producers in the animation film industry, credited to Kung Fu Panda and Hellboy) is up to ressurect the Kaiju movie with Pacific Rim. Giant Robots and Monsters have been fighting it out in theatres since July 12, 2013. And if this movie has somehow slipped your radar, here’s your courtesy trailer.

The amphibious monsters emerged out of the depths beneath the Pacific Ocean. In response, humanity built giant machines called Jaegers. Each Mech is piloted by two, whose minds are merged  together by a neural connection.

Now you may here say, “So, you mean to tell me, Japan, the guys who made Gundam, Gamera, and Godzilla, got beat to the punch on a modern robots V. monsters flick?” In fact, America will be producing another Godzilla film next year, as an intended reboot to the hibernating franchise. Maybe someone told them, there isn’t an audience for it. And after it’s first week in theatres, they could be right.

Pacific Rim was out grossed by Grown Ups 2 in its first weekend…. Really now? It is painful to hear that more people were interested in that, than…. I guess the kid in me still hasn’t “grown up”, but I’ve been craving a battle between titans since I saw King Kong as a child. Comedies are a dime a dozen, but del Toro has again set us up with a stunning world with unique cinematography and visuals. And I guarantee Pacific Rim will deliver as one of the greatest spectacles of 2013.


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