The original RoboCop movie, released in 1987, was set in a futuristic, dystopian Detroit, Philip K. Dick style. It was also nominated for two Academy awards and won one of them. The movie was followed by two sequels, the latest in 1993. It looks like the 2014 RoboCop reboot, directed by José Padilha and releasing on February 12th, is aiming to meet or exceed each of those high standards set by the original movie.


And who’s to say that they won’t hit those marks? Judging by the heavyweights on the cast alone, they’ll knock it out of the park. Samuel L. Jackson stars alongside Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton.  Joel Kinnaman takes the lead of Alex Murphy – he’s a Swedish actor with largely small-screen credits to his name, but who has been in movies such as Safe House and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Of course here at Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, we are more interested in the special effects of the movie. If the trailers are any indication whatsoever, the effects are going to be crazy good! The motion of RoboCop in all sequences was extremely fluid and graceful. The machinery that multinational conglomerate OmniCorp has sent overseas looked appropriately lower-tech and very plausible for 2028, the year the movie is set in, and the twin-fan jets that were seen briefly seen glide beautifully. Finally, the large bipedal weapons platform ED-209 returns, but to what end, we do not know.

All in all, we can’t wait to see how this movie comes together!


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