SEO Tips 2013 – How Video On Your Website Will Make Your Google Rankings Go Up. – Austin Visuals Reports

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you get your customers from Google these days, you’ll want a lot of great SEO. The higher your SEO for your website, the higher your website will show up in the page rankings. Usually, most qualified customers for your business only look at two pages of search results max when they are searching for your services, such “mechanical engineering services, Houston TX” for example.

This means if your google what keywords your customers are using to find your business and if you don’t come up within the first or second page of search results, your customers are not finding you and you probably need a boost in your website’s SEO so that your customers can find you. YouTube Videos, whether they are shot with your IPhone camera or they are produced by a professional Animation or Advertising Studio, will boost your website’s overall ranking towards the first page. Here are some additional numbers to help your business achieve a higher Google Page Ranking. Enjoy.

The Math

Businesses who have a video listing on Yelp and the Yellow Pages enjoy a 600% higher click-through rate than listings that don’t. Web video increases purchase likelihood by up to 145%. Online video is 27 times more effective than banner ads. Marketing campaigns that use video realize ROIs in the hundreds and thousands of percent. Video just adds up!


3 our of 7 Studies have shown that most people need to be exposed to a product or service seven times before they’ll buy it. Lucky for you, video can count for up to three exposures, because they’re receiving the information through multiple senses (sight, sound, emotion).

Easier to digest

It’s no secret that when given the option, most web visitors would rather watch a short video than swim through pages of text. Give them what they want and they’re more likely to return the favor.

Build trust

This is the Holy Grail of marketing. Simply put, people want to do business with people they know, like and trust. And there’s no faster way to get there than through video. Your 60-second web spot gives people a sense of who you are in a way that a simple text website can’t. Period


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