One of the premier conferences on computer graphics is SIGGRAPH, started by the Association for Computing Machinery. SIGGRAPH stands for Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques, and 1974 saw the first SIGGRAPH conference. Today the conferences are held in many major US cities across the US and Canada, including Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, and Vancouver. In 2008 a SIGGRAPH conference started in Singapore, and since then it has also been held in Hong Kong and Japan.

Because SIGGRAPH is on the cutting edge of computer graphics techniques, it is something that Austin Visuals is very interested in. We anticipate using some of these techniques in our work, and using them to better serve the needs of our clients.

SIGGRAPH represents the future of computer animation. It is guaranteed that those who attend the conference will see the very latest in techniques and tools used to animate computer graphics. Indeed, many companies have displayed their own innovative techniques at the conference. Pixar, known for animated blockbusters such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and Finding Nemo, started at SIGGRAPH. In 1986, the then-small company debuted their first animated short, Luxo Jr. Before the film had even finished, audiences were on their feet clapping; the film was extremely well received. Since then, Pixar has debuted many other shorts at the conference.


This year especially, many of the topics presented have direct application to the animation world. By extension, this serves the gaming world, for which animation is a core component. One of the topics presented was a method of making computer animation look more hand-drawn, by using a sparse set of painted key frames. Another topic was that of Scalable Real-Time Volumetric Surface Reconstruction – in plain English, that means putting a new skin, or set of textures, on a video feed in real time. Radiance regression functions are fast and easy to use in situations requiring fast rendering and dynamic local lighting. Finally, researchers at SIGGRAPH have finally found a way to model the dynamics of snow properly, which has previously been a rather difficult task.

As we’ve already discussed here in the Austin Visuals blog, there are several reasons your company’s marketing plan can get a significant boost from using computer animation. Using the techniques described in the SIGGRAPH conferences – the latest and greatest in computer animation technology – will expand the range of services that we can provide.


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