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Ad Agency Marketing Lessons From An Iconic Aussie Brand

By Blog

Austin Visuals is home to artists from all over the United States. When researching about the numerous fields that we help aid, our information came from all over! We needed a basic knowledge of marketing and several places had their different marketing lessons. So, this is an article that was written by Annabel Acton that is specific to Australians but…

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Target market - Marketing

Identify Your Target Market in 2022

By Blog
Identify your target market - Although your products might appeal to a large group of people, it doesn’t make sense to market to everyone. Your brand will have what is called a “target market.” What is a target market? Identify your target market -You need to identify the people who really want or need what you’re offering. Targeting, or “segmenting”...
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Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch In 2020

By Blog
Opinion: If your branded content doesn’t resonate with your targeted audience, you have failed Social Media Content Marketing Trends - The field of digital content marketing is maturing, and companies need to make sure that their content campaigns and strategies are keeping up. Above all else, it’s important to remember that good content is good content. It doesn’t matter what...
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