The 11 Second Club – Austin Visuals Animation Studio Reports

An animator, like any other artist, is always in search of a stage. A stage where he or she  can display his art form. The prize? The 11 Second Club  provides both the stage and the applause.

How the 11 Second Club works? 

This online club holds a monthly competition for character animators by providing a sound clip. The participating animator has to use the sound clip to animate a character(s). Its left to the animator to conjure up the most interesting scenario using the sound clip and show off his or her animation magic. The animator can choose any animation media – 3D, stop-motion or traditional 2D animation. At the end of the month, when all the entries are in, the participating animators vote for what they feel is the best entry. The animator with the highest votes is the winner for that month. Jump to it, Animators!!

A fun and motivating environment.

The eleven second club provides space on their website where participating animators can share their works in progress. The animators can constructively critique each other’s animations as they continue to animate and improve their work throughout the month. This feedback is crucial and it makes each animator’s work stronger. Plus it’s always great to get motivated by the kick-ass work your peers are doing!

The applause.

All the hard work does not come without  its rewards. There is no greater prize for an artist than to be acknowledged by his peers; and the winning animator gets oodles of that. As a bonus, the winner of the monthly competition gets a free eCritique from an experienced professional animator. This is where the winning animation is praised and also valuable suggestions are given by the critiquing animator as to how the animation could be further improved. What more can you ask for?

The 11 Second Club is quite popular and attracts animators from all over the world. Its’ quite a big stage. And while it would be very exciting for any animator to be able to win the 11 Second Club, just participating motivates and inspires with its awesome display of animation.

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