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The movement from 2D imagery to 3D

By September 2, 2012July 15th, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
Anime - Weeaboo, 2D imagery to 3D movement


Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio reports: For anyone who likes to doodle or draw in their free time, sometimes you may wish that they weren’t just 2D images. Because you like to draw or sketch as a hobby, you may not want to settle for completely computer generated artwork. Fortunately, Cybernoids, a company in Japan, may be able to make your dreams come true. They have invented a technology, Live2D, that gives hand drawn 2D images certain 3D qualities, even if it may be limited movement. This allows the 2D images to retain the qualities that its creator intended for them to have while being animated as well. However, this new technology is still in its early stages, so more complex motions are not available at this time. In a few years, we may be able to see more developments.

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