The Question : Which are Best for Gaming, Smartphones or Tablets? – Austin Visuals Reports

If you think of a few businesses that are big today, gaming will quickly come to mind. Every once in a while a genre superstar will arise, like the well-known Angry Birds. There are lots of sites that offer casino type games as well — and most of these games can be played on mobile platforms such as phones and tablets.

smartphones and tablets

Of course this means that phones and tablets compete with each other to a certain degree. But one is not necessarily better than the other to do gaming on — each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Take screen size, for example. In this regard even the best smartphones are way behind tablets. This is significant because many games involve lots of visual information moving at a fast pace. Gaming on a small screen can put the gamer at a disadvantage. However, despite the fact that tablets have bigger screens than phones, they remain touch screen only for the most part. In other words, phones often have keypads, while tablets usually do not. Since it does not have a keypad, much of a tablet can be devoted to screen real estate. But having so much screen makes controlling a game harder than it would be on a phone, with which you would have a keypad.

Additionally, tablets are heavier and less portable than a phone. Sure, you might have a bigger screen and prettier visuals, but they’re harder to clip on to your belt. And some games, like casino games such as poker or blackjack require lengthier periods of game playing. Yes, tablets are smaller and lighter than laptops, but phones are even smaller and lighter than those, and are more likely to be comfortable for people to hold for longer periods of time. So you see that although each class of gaming machine has its benefits, at this time perhaps it is phones that possess a slight edge.

We found a comparison of an iPhone, an iPad and an iPad mini here:


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