Top SEO Marketing Tips 2013 – Boost SEO – Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio Reports

Digital marketing strategy is a growing movement to increase a company’s presence on the market. Just by having a video on your website or an animated video, your Google ranking will go up. Higher ranking on a page equals more visibility. And more visibility equals more customers!

The Math

If you have a business who has a video listing on social media websites like , , , for example, you will enjoy a 600% higher click-through rate than your competitors that don’t. Web video increases purchase rates up to 145%. Also, online video is noted to be 27 times more effective than banner ads. Marketing campaigns that use video get a high ROI in hundreds to thousands percent.

3 out of 7 Studies have shown..

Studies have shown that most people require exposure to a product or service 7 or more times before they’ll purchase it. Videos are an effective way to market because with just one viewing people are receiving information 3 times through multiple senses ( sight, sound, emotion ).


Videos are Easier to Digest.

When given the option, most visitors would rather watch a short video than scroll through pages of text. Text is unentertaining, boring, and common. Give them what they want and they are much more likely to engage your brand and what you’re selling.

Build trust

People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. There is no faster way to deliver powerful testimonials, 3D logos, entertaining graphics, and get across who you are and what you do than with a 60-second web commercial spot. This kind of Video or Animated Video can give people a sense of who you are in a way that text simply can’t. Period.

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