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Top Ways 3D Animation with Austin Visuals Can Benefit Your Company

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Top Ways 3D Animation with Austin Visuals Can Benefit Your Company

At Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio recently found this music video, and were quite taken with the visual artistry and skill with which it was created. Go ahead and take a look – you won’t be disappointed. Keep your ears open, too, as the song isn’t half bad, either!

The video was created by Edgar Dubrovskiy, an independent Director of Photography attached to Wizart Studios. We hadn’t heard of them either, until now! They were founded in 2007, and their first major film was The Snow Queen. (Yes, it was a precursor to Disney’s movie Frozen.) The movie, released in 2012, earned $14 million worldwide, which set a new record for an animated feature created in Russia. Considering the budget was about half of that, we’d say it was an unqualified success.


And speaking to the video itself, well, if the commentary we can find is any indication, it’s been quite well received by the public. They say it’s magical, that they love the snow effect used to ease the transitions from the live images to the 3D animations, and that the animations themselves evoked a lot of different emotions.

Now imagine what can happen with your business if we apply that same power of animation to your marketing campaign. Think about what the visitors to your website will take away when they see your fascinating new animation – think about what they will tell their friends in the same markets! Word of mouth travels fast, and when there’s something compelling to talk about, it travels even faster.

The video that we presented above – we create works like that all the time! We’d love to help your bottom line and create one for you as well. At absolutely no cost to you, we’ll come to you and give you thirty minutes of consultation time. We can talk about your marketing and animation needs, and see if Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio is a good fit to fulfill those needs. Just give us a call at (512) 591-8024 and we’ll work out a time that works best for both of us. 


Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio


Founded in 2007 by Matthew Winters, Austin Visuals has become a home to some of Austin’s top Animation talent producing high-quality animation and graphics for clients globally. Our studio is based in Austin Texas and proudly serves very diverse clients from around the globe with full service, concept-to-launch 3D animation solutions.

We pride ourselves on fostering a supportive, collaborative environment that allows every team member to do his or her best work. We imagine, create, and animate compelling visuals with a passion and excitement that we share with our clients. We are committed to customer service, reliability, and ultimately the production of high-quality deliverables in the field of 3D animation, visual effects, technical and industrial illustration, medical, engineering, film, education, and military projects, to only name a few!

From the Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio Team  Give us a call (512) 591-8024  or CLICK HERE to request a FREE quote online if you’d like us to make custom video or animation like this for you.




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