Who Else Wants to Make More Money by Using Medical Animation?

Do you have a design for a great new device for the medical community, but you are having difficulty communicating that idea effectively?


Do you want to help educate your patients or other viewers by communicating complex concepts such as kidney functioning, the long-term effects that smoking has on the lungs, or the interactions your drugs have with patients’ bodies on a cellular level?


Do you want to engage your investors and shareholders with the latest technology, rather than boring them to tears with yet another PowerPoint presentation?


Imagine the time you can save — and the money you can ultimately earn — by using Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio’s professional animators to create medical presentations for you! What formerly took about three quarters of an hour using PowerPoint can be quickly and cleanly in just a minute and a half by using high-quality animation. What’s more, your audience will enjoy watching the visuals, and they’ll instantly get more out of it, simply because they’ll understand the moving graphics better than the still images strung together with text.



If you are part of a training institution, animation is also useful. Using traditional cadaver methods, only the area immediately under the incision is seen, but not any deeper. With an animation, on the other hand, you can more closely mimic an actual surgical procedure. Not only that, but the skin and underlying muscles can be made partially transparent. Thus you can see underneath to where the actual structures are, to the level of nerves and tendons, if need be.




Sometimes all you need to tell a patient are the bare bones of a procedure. Other patients, though, want more information about what’s going to be done with them or a loved one. Since much of medical practice is based on understanding complex scientific concepts, animations are a great way of telling those stories quickly and efficiently, without doctors having to invest a lot of valuable time explaining these concepts to laymen.


Similarly, these same animations can be used to demonstrate concepts to hospital investors and administrators, who may not have medical treatment backgrounds.


Medical animations have been seen on screens everywhere, both large and small. Why not use Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio to put them on your screens as well?

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