World’s First Working Gun Made From 3D Printer has been Successfully Fired in Austin, TX.   – Austin Visuals Reports

Defense Distributed made this first gun which is a milestone achievement in Technology. The group plans to make the blueprints available online. The group has spent a year developing the firearm which was successfully tested at a firing range south of Austin, Texas.

Anti-gun campaigners have disliked this project. And Europe’s law enforcement agency said it was monitoring these sorts of developments.  Some experts have said that criminals are more likely to go after traditional routes for obtaining firearms, but that as time moves by and technology becomes more widespread, cost-effective, and user friendly, the possibility of risks like these will emerge more often.


This gun was assembled from separate components and made from plastic. The only thing that was made from metal was the firing pin.

3D printing works by layering material, most typically plastic, until a complex solid object has been made. The idea is that eventually someday this technology becomes cheaper, instead of purchasing store bought goods, consumers may download the designs they want and print the items out at home.

The 3D Printer mentioned here was purchased from EBay for 8,000 USD. This may be the first step towards the future and a new cultural revolution.


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