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Your Product or Service May Benefit from Licensing a Cartoon Character

By June 4, 2013July 15th, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
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austin-visuals-YNR-Characters-3d-animationThinking about licensing a cartoon character? Was it ever a gleam in your eye? Sure, there will be upfront licensing fees to pay, but that can easily be repaid threefold, even tenfold in terms of brand recognition, longevity and yes, even profits. Cartoon characters are certainly appealing. There are many such services and products that can easily benefit through this type of licensing, and we’d like to offer a few ideas for you.mario-2d-3d-animation-studio-new-york

Credit Cards
Let’s face it … corporate credit cards look quite boring. They are suitable for the suits, but what about college kids? High school kids and even tweens are starting the earn and manage money before graduation, and many of those kids can afford to own a credit card. And at this age, it’s a pretty safe bet that that would prefer a card with some personality to it as opposed to a plain bank card.  It’s their money, so why shouldn’t the card be an extension of themselves?
Additionally, now that we in the Western world are having closer ties with many Asian countries, it can quickly be seen that an adept use of a suitable cartoon character can do wonders for its application rate. And it’s not just credit cards that offer this possibility. You can use cartoon characters on store loyalty cards, gym membership cards, or any store catering to your demographic.


Clothing and Apparel
Kids and young adults love lines of clothing that have cartoon characters associated with them. Cartoon characters improve brand appeal of these items, as well as improve overall aesthetic quality. The right character with the right look can really takes your sales to the moon. In a good way!


Almost any book can benefit from the use of a cartoon character. The pointy-headed guy in the yellow book cover? Cartoon character. And what brand does that stand for? That’s right, the “For Dummies” series of books. But whether it’s a self-help book, a kids’ storybook, a music training book, puzzle book, or a book on parental guidance, consider licensing a cartoon character. They don’t always have to look childish or cute. They can look quirky and different, like in Futurama. Right character, right product, right demographic and it’s hard to go wrong with that.
Fact of the matter is that what sells better are books with a strong identity. Cartoon characters are great at helping you establish that identity. If you plan ahead and your first book sells well, then you can write a whole series of books using that character as a series mascot.


Pop Culture Novelties

Marketers have started to tap the market for novelties, toys, stationery and other such items of the new American pop culture. The factors driving sales of this merchandise are aesthetic cuteness and innovation. Nothing beats a cartoon character for cute factor, but be warned: there are a lot of them out there.


Greeting Cards
Another example of a product that cartoon characters work very well on is greeting card, and this is primarily because cards carry a message. Hallmark’s Hoops & Yoyo are iconic characters that work great on greeting cards. Why not have your own characters to convey your messages and warm the hearts of your buyers?


Child care centers and nurseries are great places for adorable cartoon characters. There’s not much better to make kids (and parents) fall in love with your establishment than to have an identifiable brand with a cute cartoon character. You can later use that advantage the brand recognition gives you to develop a franchise, if you run your business right.
We have a wide range of cartoon characters available for these purposes and more that we haven’t mentioned. If you own products or services that can benefit from their use, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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