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YouTube Partners With You

YouTube - Music industry


There are hard workers and then there are smart workers. Great opportunities present themselves to the smart lot. Talking of which here’s a terrific way to get that extra cash flowing. Does the phrase monetizing your video ring a bell? Youtube is a pioneer in video sharing and is an exciting way to reach out to people. And if you are a regular on Youtube there is a great opportunity for you to earn through your videos. With its Partner Program, over a million users from 30 countries are already earning.

How does this work?

It’s simple; say you upload an original video created by you on YouTube which becomes popular, with a considerable number of views, likes and shares. YouTube then invites you to monetize your video by placing advertisements in your video. These are in-stream ads that are embedded in videos and plays before the video starts. Once the advertisement is over viewers can continue watching the video.

The logic behind this is, since your video is popular and is seen by a good number of people, it will also automatically increase the visibility of the products advertised. This in turn will earn revenue for the product companies.  If you agree to partner with YouTube then a certain percentage of the revenue generated each month will be shared with you.

There are already a million advertisers who are using the Google ad platform. And why not? With YouTube permeating every part of society, the chances of reaching their target customers increases manifold. It is a fact that a few hundred YouTube users are actually earning in thousands and if you have a popular video to share you too could be laughing your way to the bank.





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