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Austin, Texas has become a hub for drone services. Drone Services produced by Austin Visuals has been around since 2007 and is capable of 3D Mapping, Drone Videography, Drone Live Streaming, and Drone Photography Services. We can help meet your data, photography, 3D animation, and video needs.  To learn more about Austin Visuals Drone Services you can also contact us by phone at +1 (512) 591-8024 or email us at [email protected] . Our company is the leader in Austin Drone Services. For a free consultation, please submit your project details here.

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Austin Visuals has a DJI Mavic 3 which contains these specs and we also have a DJI Mavic Mini SE 2. We have the knowledge and certifications for larger drone missions. If you have a specific need of a different drone, just let us know what drone you need and we’ll let you know if we are able to accommodate your needs.

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Austin, Houston, Dallas, Anywhere in Texas, and more.

About Austin Visuals Drone Videography and Photography Services

Founded in 2007, by Matthew Winters, Austin Visuals has successfully created drone photography and 3D Mapping services for Polyphony Digital, the makers of the world famous Gran Turismo video game series. Austin Visuals has made drone deployments for Real Estate Commercial Development and for survey data, and for forensic analysis purposes. Our mission at Austin Visuals is to provide a great drone photo and video experience for your business so you’ll be impressed and be a return customer.

More about Flying Drones in Austin, Texas in an uncontrolled airspace

Flying drones in Austin is legal if you comply with local laws and regulations. Drone piloting may seem easy, but our pilots have 100’s of hours of flight experience. Many of our operators come with a background or formal education in Videography and have been editing and filming for almost 20 years. There are some specialized knowledge about film and photography that you can get with a professional that you might be unable to do yourself quickly. Additionally, you may learn that some airspaces are off-limits for drone operations, unless you have special FAA clearance and a pilot certification in advance. This process for an average person could take months, where our company is ready to go now.

Something you may not have known about drone photography, drone pilots near the airport may need special permission from the airport before they can use drones to take aerial photographs. According to Texas law, drone operators must contact air traffic control before flying their drones within five miles of Austin-Bergstrom Airport. However, the state legislature has recently approved supplemental drone rules. Following are some of the highlights of these rules.

The FAA has temporarily banned drone operations in Texas, primarily over the Del Rio border crossing and an immigration camp. While the FAA does not enact permanent bans, it has the authority to restrict flights in certain areas. These bans are always published in NOTAMs and clearance maps. However, drone operators should know how to check the airspace before flying drones in Austin. Using apps such as B4UFLY, they can make sure that they don’t enter a prohibited area. They should also know the restrictions and exemptions before flying their drones. Flying a drone without a license over an unauthorized airspace could result in hefty fines $$$, posing a danger to people in the area, or drone crashes, so it is best to trust a professional that can be insured and also take on the liability.


drone real estate photography

Austin Drone can be used for Real Estate Photography

You can use drones to produce high-flying and high-resolution photos from high distances. You can also overlay 2D graphics or 3D models over the top of your custom real estate photos. This is often of great benefit to the commercial development company so often they don’t have to build an entire 3D rendering and so that their audience can see what the final commercial or residential build might look like when it is simply a flat piece of land. Avail our Texas real estate photography now!

2D overlay real estate

A professional drone photographer and operator will know how to control their lighting conditions so you can get the best color possible, and the sharpest clearest image. There are two different kinds of light: ambient and artificial. Ambient light is what comes from the outside and isn’t controlled by the photographer. It’s a great source of light and is usually quite abundant. Paying attention to this light can help you get a better sense of how light affects your subjects. Natural light is measured in Kelvin and is most common in daylight. Natural light can be a great source of inspiration and can be a huge source of inspiration, but a professional drone operator will know what filters are needed on the drone to be able to control overly bright picture, glare, and a variety of weather conditions.

Some additional Samples of our drone work in Austin, Texas


Austin Drone Survey Services can be used for law enforcement

Some cities have already begun using drones in law enforcement. The Austin police department is considering implementing the technology in crash scene investigations. In a statement, APD says that this will reduce evidence collection time by up to 80 percent and decrease traffic congestion while protecting officers. The process of using the drones is simple, but privacy concerns persist. Austin police and the city’s district attorney declined to provide an official cost breakdown of the drones.

The Austin Police Department has had some difficulties getting their drone program off the ground, so they sought assistance from the Arlington Police Department. Insurers value the drone system at $120,000 and can’t afford to cover the cost of repairs and replacement parts. They’re also worried about the legality of using the technology. But Austin’s drone program has already shown promise. A study released in April by the Electronic Frontier Foundation revealed that Austin police departments have been using drones for law enforcement since 2009.

Drones can be used for movies and for live camera filming

The use of Austin drones for sci-fi film marketing is nothing new. Many sci-fi franchises have used drones to promote their films, and the Austin drone show aims to do the same. During the South by Southwest festival, hundreds of drones were flying in formation over downtown Austin. These drones can fly up to 300 feet high, and are nearly 600 feet wide. Austin-Travis County EMS announced a temporary flight restriction, but there are still plenty of uses for them.

In the most famous example, the video game Halo, based on the Xbox video game, was promoted during South by Southwest by Paramount+. The game has sold over 82 million copies worldwide, and has earned $6 billion in lifetime total sales. Its marketing efforts have helped it earn a lot of fans, boosting its popularity among gamers and film enthusiasts alike. In fact, the Austin drones used for Halo promotion are as big as the Statue of Liberty!

Austin Drone can for 3D Mapping for photo realistic models and textures in video games

Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio is also known for its 3D mapping abilities and survey techniques with our drones. If you need a high resolution stitched photo, a 3D topographic map for real estate in Austin or within the U.S. we can travel. We helped the video game franchise Gran Turismo photograph and make 3D meshes of several race tracks across the U.S. including Circuit of the Americas (COTA). We can help you with your survey needs too with our drones.

Austin Visuals provides custom Austin drone photography and drone videography solutions for your company’s needs. Contact us today. Give Austin Visuals a call 512-591-8024, email us [email protected] or contact us using our contact form here. So we can discuss your project needs today!


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