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Metaverse Design

Looking for High-Quality Experienced professionals to build 3D models on your land in the Metaverse such as Decentraland and Sandbox VR? Look no further. Since 2007, Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio has been producing eye-catching graphics from concept-to-finish 3D visuals. We have been developing for years in this space and have a network of partners that we regularly work with that support us in building out the Metaverse. Building in the Metaverse is just one our specialties. Perhaps you’re looking to build a world, an activation for your brand, an interactive event in the Metaverse? Maybe you’re looking for a brand new custom VR experience that will grab the attention on press releases around the world which can be great visibility for your brand? If so you’re in the right place. We can create 3D models for you, wearables, Mint NFT’s, and even make completely customized interactive spaces directly integrated with Decentraland, Sandbox VR, Blocks, and many other worlds. Contact us now to discuss your metaverse world building project. Email us [email protected] or call us +1-512-591-8024.

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We are a group of U.S. based artists that design and develop for Decentraland, Sandbox VR and other Metaverse Platforms. We are Artists, 3D Modelers, programmers, and game developers that are pioneering the building of a new world of virtual spaces in the Metaverse so that you immerse your audience in your content and bring new experiences to them like never before.

We are innovators, designers, developers that help you create an idea from concept to launch, building stunning metaverse environments that contain a large amount of value for your audience.

We can design and develop buildings for you in these Metaverse spaces, develop useful tools, and interactive experiences for your communities. We can design puzzles, games, wearables, and activations. Linking your creations to the blockchain, we are able to prove value, exclusivity, and ownership when compared to other non-crypto based worlds.

nft buildersMetaverse Design at Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio offers custom buildings in the Metaverse.

Services Offered:

  • Decentraland
  • Sandbox VR
  • CryptoVoxels
  • Block
  • VRchat


Why Build On The Metaverse

The metaverse was first conceived with experiments like ‘Second Life’ and science fiction writings. Today, games like Roblox have proved the model is ready for business. Blockchain metaverse projects are creating a new paradigm to real estate ownership.


We offer custom wearables for Decentraland, The Sandbox, VRChat,  Cryptovoxels and more.

We’re Here To Bring Your Idea To Life

With technology quickly advancing, new business models are developing on the metaverse. We specialize in developing property on the metaverse that is designed to give a return on your investment.

Talented Architects For The Metaverse

Our team of game developers, architects and digital entrepreneurs are well positioned to build your business on the metaverse. Hailing from Austin, TX we’ve got the experience and regulatory know-how to develop exciting experiences, virtual HQs & Events.

We consider ourselves Design Architects and Engineers within the Metaverse

 Metaverse property owners do not often have the skills necessary to build and develop in 3D within Decentraland and Sandbox VR. Where Austin Visuals comes in, is we are here to help businesses that lack the knowledge, or the in-house skills to build our their ideal environments whether they be static or interactive.
Give us a call, or write us to discuss your project idea. Email us [email protected] or call us +1-512-591-8024.
Virtual worlds are being built on the blockchain now. Don’t miss out. These virtual worlds allow users to purchase crypto, use their land to generate income, create activations, solve puzzles in exchange for valuable crypto prizes. Since the original launch of Decentraland the virtual real estate market has been booming. Austin Visuals is here to help property owners and developers by being a turn-key one stop shop solution for animation, 3d modeling, and design services in the Metaverse for virtual world building projects.
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With every NFT or Metaverse World Building Project Service offered you can expect.
  1. Fast Turnaround
  2. Super Friendly Service
  3. Cost Effective Production
  4. A team of expert 3d Modelers, Metaverse Project Managers, Programmers, and Creative Directors, and Expert 3D Animators to talk to, a United States based team.
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We have worked with hundreds of companies to produce high quality work. Here are a few brands we work with that are in real estate, construction, and development, see our client list HERE.
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More About Austin Visuals’ Metaverse Design

For years, Austin Visuals 3D Studio has been helping businesses, commercial property management companies, property investment companies, construction and design businesses, and individuals produce high-quality 2D Animations can help clients stand out from their competitors. Our Expert Rendering and Visualization Team at Austin Visuals communicates your message in the most effective way to your market. Today, clients are turning to Austin Visuals to bring sizzle and magic to their marketing messages. Austin Visuals has the reputation for excellence, has one of the most creative and experienced teams around to 3D Renderings quickly.

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Use Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio for:

  • Metaverse World Building
  • Decentraland 3D Design and Activations
  • Sandbox VR 3D Building and Activations
  • VR Chat World Building
  • Custom Wearable creation
  • Custom Metaverse Programming
  • Metaverse Project Planning and Project Management
  • Metaverse Training Planning and Implementation
  • Live Streaming creation to have your audience engage with you
  • Custom Animation or Video to fit your needs

Choose The Best 3D Metaverse Design Company

Austin Visuals provides: Metaverse World Building, 3D Animation, engineering and technical animation, Motion Graphics services, and commercial production services for all your advertising needs and marketing needs.

Whatever your needs are or if you just need to add magic and excitement to your message, contact us to discuss your project and to learn more about how Austin Visuals can help you with your business. We’d love to take your concept or idea to the next level. We’ll make your message sizzle.


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