Our Method for Success. Our Animation Studio’s Process.

At Austin Visuals, Each Video or Animation we make is custom built to your specifications by using our multi-step process.

How do we do it? Brilliantly, of course! But you’re probably wondering just how we go about bringing your story and ideas to life. Our Team at Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio feels it is very important to educate our clients about the 2D & 3D Animation Production Process. This knowledge will not only explain how we do what we do, it also helps our clients appreciate the service we give, and helps us manage our client’s expectations throughout the delivery of Graphics or Animation. Below is a short Summary of our process. For this purpose, get ready for us to dazzle you as we walk you through how our Animation works at Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio.

For a more detailed article about how 2D and 3D Animation is Made here at Austin Visuals Animation Studio CLICK HERE to download the full-article.

Your 3D Animation Roadmap and Guide in 6 Quick Steps!



Step 1. Setting Expectations, Budgeting, and Planning

Our Animation Experts at Austin Visuals are known as super heroes in the industry. With most of us having over 15-25 years experience delivering top quality animation, we often amaze our clients with our talents.  After you’ve determined you want a 3D Animation, you’ll have to determine how far along in the process you are with it and what your priorities are with regards to Quality, Price, and how quickly you want it delivered to you.

When reaching out to us, keep in mind we need to know which of these 3 is most important to you ( Do you need your animation 1. High-Quality 2. Cheap 3. Fast ) ? Putting priority on one of these options affects the outcome of the other two.  To illustrate this, we have made an infographic for you above.

Letting us know which one of these three options you care about the most will result in the best animation ‘bang for your buck’ because we will adjust our animation creation process around what your needs are for the project.  If you have a lot of time, no specific due date in mind, but you want higher quality visuals, let us know in advance, this give us time to add extra bells and whistles to your project, which takes research, skill, and craftsmanship at no extra cost to you in most cases.  If you want your animation really fast compared to industry standards, know that we can accomplish all of your rush jobs no problem. Expect that rush job products will be at higher costs since these jobs usually require our artists to work around the clock to ensure a quality product for you. If you want your animation fast, but High-Quality visuals aren’t as important to you, then your animation costs will be pretty cheap and you will find our rates VERY competitive. If you want something inexpensive and High-Quality, then expect your product will take longer than industry average to produce.



Step 2. Meeting & Info.

After Initial contact and telling us a little bit about your project, our clients and Austin Visuals will usually setup an initial meeting. Since we do business globally, we can meet via Skype, telephone, or exchange all communication by email depending on your preference. It is in this phase  we usually gather as much information as possible about your project so that we meet your needs with regard to technical accuracy for your project. We ask clients to supply photographs, illustrations, and video footage. Also supporting marketing content, such as brochures or PowerPoint presentations are very useful in helping us understand your product objectives. Questions we ask in this phase can be varied such as : Do you have any reference images or YouTube links for us so that we can understand your needs? Will this be a 3D or 2D Animation? Will you need us to incorporate Video into your project? etc… This initial meeting phase is a chance to really understand our client’s needs, wants, and the desired outcome the project.


Step 3. Proposal.

After the meeting, Austin Visuals will create a proposal for your project. This proposal outlines the goals of your project and associated costs of the services that Austin Visuals will provide as well as providing any other project related information.


Step 4. Pre-Production.

Upon acceptance of the Proposal, Austin Visuals will begin to gather additional resource material, information and assets to begin production of the project. Character Development begins at this stage if needed. Toward the end of this stage, Austin Visuals will also provide proofs to the client for review. These proofs are sometimes in the form of storyboards or animatics. Here we take your ideas and translate them into a visual “sketch” or storyboard. This s a sequence of illustrations or sketches that summarize your idea or story in a two dimensional way. Storyboards or animatics are sometimes done at this stage to better understand the scope of the project.

Step 5. Production & Post-Production.

After the planning outlined in the proposal and the pre-production stages are finished and agreed upon, production begins. 3D assets such as 3D models, textures, scenes and animations are created to specifications of the planning stages. Austin Visuals will also provide continual progress updates to the client during this stage. After the major portions of the project are finished, post-production begins. The Post-Production stage includes final touches being added such as effects to the animation, narration, sound effects, music, etc. Austin Visuals can coordinate all of these assets and third parties such as recording studios and artists to create a truly multimedia experience.


Step 6. Final Product.

Together, you and our fantastic team at Austin Visuals will review the complete Animation and add or delete scenes and effects to create the finished product. We’ll proof the product with you and deliver it in the format(s) you require. During this final stage, the project is ready for delivery. The illustrations and/or the animations are being converted to their final delivery format.

As you can see, Austin Visuals exist to bring your ideas and concepts to life. 2D or 3D, we can do it all! Call us today to discuss your Animation needs and request a quoteThis example above is only a quick summary of our process, to request a more detailed Full-Report about our Animation Process : Call us at (512) 591-8024 or CLICK HERE to submit your request online.