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How is 3d Animation Made at Austin Visuals

(How We Build Your Animated Video)

How is 3d Animation Made – If you have been wondering ” How is 3d Animation Made ” ? You’re in the right place. At Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, Each Video or Animation we make is custom built to your specifications by using our multi-step process. How do we do it? Brilliantly, of course! Working with 2D and 3D animation can seem confusing. If you’ve found yourself in need of animation for your production, you may have found yourself questioning what happens during the process of turning a vision into an animation. First, an idea is born. Once that idea has been refined, artists create a storyboard of your vision using still images. Next, that storyboard is put together in succession in what is called an animatic, allowing you to see your vision from start to finish. Once approved, artists begin crafting every detail of your vision. The layout of your animation is established, characters are modeled, textured and set up, or rigged, to be put into motion. At this point, artists fully animate your vision, add in any visual effects, and establish the lighting of the animation before rendering a rough copy. Afterwards, the animation goes through a process of compositing, where each individual piece is combined, 2D effects and motion graphics are added for emphasis, colors are matched and corrected and a final copy of your vision is produced.

But you’re probably wondering just how we go about bringing your story and ideas to life. Our Team at Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio feels it is very important to educate our clients about the 2D & 3D Animation Production Process. This knowledge will not only explain how we do what we do, it also helps our clients appreciate the service we give, and helps us manage our client’s expectations throughout the delivery of Graphics or Animation. Below is a short Summary of our process. For this purpose, get ready for us to dazzle you as we walk you through how our Animation works at Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio.

How is 3d Animation Made | Our Process

How is 3d Animation Made by Austin Visuals to Ensure That Your Video is a Complete Success


Language - Interview

FIRST WE LISTEN – Everything we do is about you and what you need. So, right after we say “hello” and introduce ourselves, the first thing we do is listen to you.  We want to hear the story you have to tell.  We want you to tell us what problem needs to be solved, or what opportunity needs to be maximized.

Employment - Telecommuting

THEN WE’LL SAY – What are your ideas?  List what have you tried before.  Do you know what are your competitors doing?  How do you define success and what does “success” mean to you?   Have you seen something you like on YouTube?  Doubtless we can replicate it according to your custom needs.

Rowan University - Employment

NEXT WE’LL BRAINSTORM WITH YOUAustin Visuals has been producing custom quality 3D and 2D animation, motion graphics and live video since 2007.  We’ve done hundreds of videos in virtually every product and service category.  We’ve produced award-winning television and web videos.  We specialize in “how to” explainer videos.  We’ll combine that experience with your special knowledge of what YOU want and need to discuss what might work best for you.

Illustration - Infographic

WE REVIEW YOUR EXISTING ASSETS FOR PRODUCTION – We’ll ask if you have a script or storyboard. No? We can write your script, adapt your brochures or website words to video, use your script, or start from the beginning, and we can create your storyboard if you don’t have one.

Storyboard - Worksheet

We will Review Your Storyboards – A storyboard for a Video or Animation is a series of images or sketches that go side by side with words from the script. Each image will have a verbal description of what is spoken and seen on the screen. Images are often broken down depicting each action that will be seen in the final production. This document serves as a ‘blueprint’ for what you want to see in the final video. If you don’t have one, we can create this for you no problem.

File sharing - Upload

You’ll transfer any files or image reference to us. – Do you have CAD files, .img files, renders, art from another project? What are your corporate branding and graphic standards requirements? We take all this into consideration in our planning. Shall we find you a professional narrator? Specific music?

We can do that.

3D computer graphics - Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio

The Creative Development Phase – IT’S TIME FOR US To Create GREAT IDEAS For You

There are no limits to imagination. Often creative storytelling and memorable visuals can overcome even a limited budget. Among our artists are talented women and men who can do almost anything. (Brainstorming the best ideas for your message happens in what we call the Creative Development Phase)

Design thinking - Design


The strategic proposal will state the goals of the project, and will detail the scope of the work we’ll be doing for you.  We’ll tell you how we’ll incorporate your assets, create new ones and offer you three options for pricing.  We’ll commit ourselves to timelines for each milestone (storyboard/script, animatic, draft animation, final animation), explain the continuous production support you will receive and how we’ll stay in contact with you every step of the way.  You’ll confirm who the decision makers are on your team, and commit to timely response to our questions.  Once you’ve chosen a pricing option, and signed the strategic proposal, you’ll send your deposit and we start making YOUR digital magic.

 HOW ANIMATION IS MADE – At Austin Visuals

girl animating and drawing character on monitor 3d

We should say here that we get incredibly excited about creating great work. And, we like to talk about how animation gets made,
because (to us at least) the details of the process are fascinating and complex and we can make almost anything from pixels.

how animation is made at a studio process

In Total Animation is created in about 18 different Steps. Since there are so many steps, we group these steps into 3 Separate Categories or Phases called ( 1. Creative Development, 2. Production, and 3. Post Production ) Animation is built in layers. Often Animation requires multiple artists to work on the same project. Once files are complete in one phase they generally get handed off to another artist or team to complete another step in the production. Team collaboration like this tends to look more like a relay race where one person hands things off to another individual once a step has been complete. With each new step you complete, since animation is built in layers, it becomes more time consuming to go back a step to change something in an earlier phase so getting what you want visualized in earlier phases is key to the success of your video.

Phase of Production Listed:

Phase I – Pre-Production/Creative Development
1. Scripting
2. Storyboarding
3. Animatic or Pre-Visualization

Phase II – Production
4. Voice Over Recording
5. Character Creation
6. Modeling
7. Texturing
8. Rigging
9. Animating
10. Lighting
11. Rendering
12. First Draft

Phase III – Post Production
13. Editing
14. Sound
15. Music
16. Special FX
17. Text/Graphics Overlay
18. Final Rendering and Product Delivery

If you want to learn about our 2D and 3D Animation Creation process in more detail, CLICK HERE.

How is 3d Animation Made production process 2D


If, like so many customers, you have asked for visualization bids from several professional animation studios here and abroad,
you may wonder how Austin Visuals can produce such quality animation at a lower price than others.

how austin visuals works animation

The answer is simple.  Rather than charge you a portion of overhead for a huge corporate office, we work on a distributed talent model.  Management is headquartered in our Austin home base and our Dallas office, but our artists come to work through their computers from all over the country.  We’ve been doing this since 2007 with great success.  

We are a quick, nimble, and collaborative team. We are able to improve our service very quickly compared to the competition because we don’t have layers of bureaucracy.  We’re onto something because in 2017 it’s predicted that 1 of every 5 workers will do so from a remote computer in a shared workspace or home environment.

For inquiries or questions about Cartoon Illustration, or TV commercials Call Us, (512) 591-8024, Email us: [email protected], or use the form below to send us a message. We’re ready to answer any questions you have so that we can deliver your creative project on time and to the highest standard possible.

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