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Marketing and Animation Jobs


Are you a Marketing Professional Looking for Marketing Jobs in Austin? Are you a Hero Animator or Digital Artist? At Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, we are always looking for the most outstanding, talented artists and individuals to work with us on a permanent, or freelance basis. We also have a wide range of internships and volunteer positions frequently available. We invite you to become an associate member of our team today! -Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio Team

Current Job Openings | Marketing Jobs in Austin

Business Development Manager

This is one of our most exciting and new positions available. You would be responsible for maintaining existing relationships and developing new relationships for Austin Visuals. You would also scout for new business opportunities around Austin for our company. You would report directly to the company owner.

Social Media and Marketing Representative

This is pretty much what it sounds like. You’ll be handling our daily social media posts, graphic content generation for our company ads, then offering assistance with messaging for our companies advertising campaigns. If you’re looking for Marketing jobs in Austin TX, working with us gets pretty exciting.

Senior Graphic Designer

Ad agency background preferred. – If you can design things that look like this, then we want to speak to you.
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Junior Graphic Designer

Ad agency background preferred.
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See image above. We hope you can design something close to this. Our expectations might just not be as high. Apply to the leading Houston Graphic Design Firm today!

Advertisement / Explainer Video Script Writer

Looking for Marketing Jobs in Austin? Can you write a 30 second, 60, or 90 second script for a web commercial, tv commercial, radio ad, or explainer video? We will want to see script examples of your writing work and we will need to see your final product where your words actually got used in a real life example that is still out there on the web. For example if you wrote a script for a tv commercial, movie, website video, etc we would like to see the original script you submitted and the final video product.

Outbound Sales Representative

Responsible for going to networking events around the local Austin area to generate leads for Prior Animation Education Or a Sales background is required to do well at this position. We often offer base pay + commission for qualified candidates. We often start off on commission only until you’ve proven you can bring in sales then offer you a base rate.

Production Assistant

Internship Only – You would assist with tasks the Animation Producer needs and the marketing team needs. You’ll need to be organized, reliable, dependable, responsible, and an excellent communicator. Only a can do attitude is excepted and when working on client projects we have a no-fail policy. Sometimes our production assistant gathers sound, other times moves files between artists, other times keeps track of communication or files across projects. You will also need to be proficient in google docs, excel, word, photoshop, illustrator. Bonus if you can video edit and know After Effects or Adobe Premiere. Production Assistants Report to our Marketing Director for most tasks then report to our Animation director for Animation related tasks.

3D Animation Producer

Must be able to produce graphics across a variety of different mediums. 3D Animation is a must but Motion Graphics and 2D Animation is a bonus. You will need to be able to lead a team of usually 1 up to 3 artists to produce something like this, usually given little to no direction, minimal storyboards, minimal script. We need to be able to tell you the parameters for the animation and then you work with our team and resources to produce the animation from concept to finish. Having produced prior animations before is a must. It’s a bonus if you have produced graphics for ad agencies or media companies before. An example animation you would be producing looks like this:

3D Character Rigger

Must be able to rig 3d characters like this and do all rigging in this example commercial. Bonus if you can also model characters

2D Animator

Must be able to make complete 1-minute explainer videos

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Why work with us?


Because we are in the center of downtown. If you’re looking for Marketing jobs in Austin or Animation Jobs in Austin, we have amazing views and an award winning team. You get to learn from and be around the best artists in Austin. Our Team will treat you like family. Culture, learning, perfecting our skills, and having fun is really important to us.

With beautiful rolling hills to the North, and Rivers running through town, Austin has a laid-back, dynamic culture. Austin is the home of great tacos and all things barbecue. It’s a great place to live with plenty of outdoor activities. Our Team is always hanging out online and offline. We have a lot of fun and treat each other like family. Most important of all, we create animation to help businesses explain cool new technologies and technical processes, so if the work you see on our site excites you and you think you can create animated imagery that is at or exceeds our quality level, and if you can turn your work around quick, we want to talk to you.

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Marketing Jobs in Austin.
Animation Jobs In Austin –
How do I apply?


For all job, internship, or volunteer inquiries, please use our online submission forms below. We have two forms on this page, one for Job Applicants, and different and separate form for Internships and Volunteers. Please fill out the one form you find most appropriate. Interested applicants should follow all submission guidelines listed on this page. We pride ourselves in having a unique work environment and rich culture. We house some of the top artistic talent in Austin, TX. We are a team of diverse artists that work hard and know how to have lots of fun. A recruiter will contact you immediately if we have something available for you. Like many studios we get several inquiries per day. Do not be offended if we are unable to respond to your application. We do see every submission. If we do not reach back out it is because you didn’t demonstrate skills appropriate for the needs we have at this time. The good news for you is our needs are changing all the time. Feel free to re-apply every 6 months. If you are not a fit at one moment, you may be a fit in the future.


Need Inspiration? Check out some of these resources we find interesting HERE.

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Submission Guidelines – For Job Applicants

Please use the form below to apply for a job ( full-time, part-time, or freelance ) with Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio. Please fill your submission out completely. No attachments are supported. Applications received that do not adhere to the submission guidelines will not be considered. If you have a skill-set that matches something we are currently looking for we will contact you immediately or will let you know we are keeping your information on file for consideration on future projects. Thank you for your application and for choosing Austin Visuals!

Submission Guidelines – Internship and Volunteer Applicants

Since our company handles a wide variety of projects, we have a wide range of specialties to select from. Please indicate your area of interest when emailing us. If you don’t see something that interests you, (apply anyway) tell us what interests you and we may consider even making a new position just for you. We prefer applicants that demonstrate a passion for their craft and would be a great fit for us too.

We offer Internships and Volunteer positions
frequently in the following areas :

  • 3D Artist ( Generalist )
  • 2D Artist ( Generalist )
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales
  • Creative Development
  • Illustration Artist
  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • Engineering / Architectural Rendering Visualization
  • Texture Surfacing Artist
  • Lighting and Compositing Artist
  • Video Production
  • Graphic Designer
  • Audio ( Generalist )
  • Business Development Strategist
  • Social Media and Event Planning

Please select “Attn : Austin Visuals Internships” or “Attn: Austin Visuals Volunteers” as you fill in this form below depending on which kind of position you’re applying for.
** At this time, we only offer Internships to applicants that are currently attending school. If you do not meet this requirement, you may want to consider applying for our volunteer program.

** Need Help? Submitting your application via our online forms found on this page is strongly preferred; however, if you are having issues with submission your application, you may submit your application via email to : [email protected]
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