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Blockchain App Development
& Tech Consulting

Our blockchain experts will help you bring a high level of security and technical stability to your company by integrating the latest financial ledger technologies, identity solutions, and smart contracts.


Years of Presence in Blockchain World


Blockchain Developers and Specialists


Successful Blockchain Projects

Which Solutions Utilizing
Smart Contracts We Develop?

Pioneering the blockchain technology since the moment of its appearance on the market, we accumulated the huge experience in the development of the software solutions utilizing the Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs). Throughout these years we developed numerous decentralized solutions in a variety of business domains, such as insurance, healthcare, supply chain management, remittance, international trade, etc. Our engineers not only do the high-quality blockchain development, but they also provide architecture and token economics consulting service, which makes us a full-cycle development & consulting partner for your business.

Custom Development

Doesn’t matter if you want to create a decentralized app or a private blockchain, the experienced specialists of our company help clients take the advantage of the numerous technological opportunities that the blockchain has to offer.

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Blockchain App Development and Design Services

Blockchain Security

Using the blockchain as a means to secure the sensitive information and improvement of the trust verification processes, brings the digital security to an absolutely new level.

Smart Contracts

The number of use-cases where smart contracts can be used is impossible to list on a single web-page. Utilized for the execution in a distributed environment for enforceability, they can cover by far any possible business need.

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Ethereum / Bitcoin / Hyperledger

The most widely spread blockchain technologies that are utilized by many companies in thousands of different use-cases, our tech teams do the Solidity development for various Ethereum projects, have deep knowledge in the Bitcoin Core, and use platforms like Fabric and Sawtooth, and tools such as Cello for the Hyperledger solutions.

6 Flagship Crypto
Projects We are proud of!

Logo - Brand cryptopnl austin visuals

SaaS service for professional crypto traders. Automatically unloads your trades and shows financial reporting on all connected exchanges.

Logo - Brand win2win austin visuals

Service for crypto or cash exchange with a high probability of a deal based on an escrow technology.

Logo - Brand cryptowallet austin visuals

Wallet for a new cryptocurrency with account registration and an opportunity to send and receive crypto.

Logo - Brand platotrade austin visuals

SaaS platform for algorithmic crypto trading.

Logo - Public Relations paymir austin visuals

Payment gateway and crypto wallet.

Logo - Brand Exrates Austin visuals Studio

Exchange platform that supports 19 currencies.

The Blockchain Technology
Platform We Work With

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Blockchain App Development and Web Development Services

Web development services are critical to your business’s success. Customers search for your website on Google. Your customers also tell others through word-of-mouth about your services through your website link or tell others to google your name. All of this traffic brings people to view what you have to say, but the message loses much of its meaning if the site does not look modern and well designed. People buy from who they know, like and trust. Customers trust companies that have a good look on their website, and would be proud to share that content with others. This is why web development services are critical to gaining new business and maintaining your existing customer base.

Contact us at Austin Visuals to help you with your Web Development and Blockchain app development needs. We want to make sure you look your best and attract as many customers as possible to your site.

Are you in need of graphics to go along with your website? You’re in luck! Austin Visuals is a full-service Graphics Firm Agency that can help you develop your concept from start to finish. We can develop wireframe concepts, taking you through the sketch phase on into the graphics creation phase where our team of artists can illustrate almost any style of 3D or 2d illustration you can imagine or find reference for.

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