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Give A New Twist To Your Message With Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard Animation Videos have several benefits over conventional videos. They are more flexible and mobile-friendly, have a higher conversion rate, and can be used for a variety of purposes. These engaging, colorful, and clear-cut presentations can be used to demonstrate your business or a concept to an audience. They are not only effective educational tools but they are also visually appealing and easy to comprehend. In fact, they are becoming the most popular type of explainer video.

Whiteboard animation videos should have a script. Whether you are using the video for sales or marketing purposes, the script must clearly show the problem and address the pain points of your target audience. You must be clear and simple when you talk about your solution. If the language is too jargon-heavy, viewers will get bored and stop watching the video. It is worth the effort to create the video at-home.

The background of your whiteboard animation video can be a variety of colors, including black and white. In some cases, color is used to emphasize a key point and improve engagement. There are many reasons you might add color to your videos. Color can enhance the visual impact of your presentation. If your animation is intended to convey an important concept or message, make sure to include a voiceover to add a little extra flair.

The whiteboard animation service provided by Austin Visuals Animation Studio gave our clients a unique style, helping our clients reach and engage more of their clients.


What Makes Whiteboard Animation Videos Engaging?

Visual language is a key element of a whiteboard animation video. The storyline should be told through the eyes of an individual, whether it’s an employee or a customer. The whiteboard character must be easily identifiable, but it should also provide enough information to allow the audience to call it or purchase it. Aside from having a recognizable visual style, the character should have a compelling reason to buy or contact it.

The characters in a whiteboard video are the thread that ties the story together. The main point of the lesson is slowly revealed. By gradually drawing the hand, the audience anticipates the information. The story is complete when the hand moves towards the camera. It draws the viewer in. A video’s content is more convincing if the characters are relatable. The video will be more appealing to a wider audience if it focuses on the characters.

Using a whiteboard video can appeal to a wide range of emotions. A colorful whiteboard animation can create anticipation. Moreover, it shows the story as it develops. It can also create identification. This can help to generate interest in the video. Engaging with whiteboard videos can be as easy as using color. You can even incorporate the colors of your brand in the video.


What Makes Our Explainer Videos Different?

Unlike a traditional video, an explainer is short and simple and can be understood without sound. An explainer video should be targeted at a specific audience. An explainer video should explain to the viewer why they should choose a particular solution. An explainer video should be concise and clear. It should answer the question “Why should you use XYZ product?” A great explainer video should be concise and direct.

Animated explainer videos can be a powerful way for companies to communicate their product or service. They can increase sales by breaking complex topics down to easy-to-understand language. They can build trust with potential customers. Dropbox’s video, for example, was extremely effective at attracting new customers. The company saw an increase of 150% in sign-ups on their landing pages after posting an explainer video.

The main difference between generic explainer videos and custom explainer videos is the visual quality. While a three-minute monologue can be compelling, it can be boring and ineffective. Hence, it is important to create an informative and entertaining video. Clear audio is the best way to make a video. It should have a high-quality background music, but it should be easy to read. It should also be memorable and convey a clear message to the viewers.

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