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Animation Explainer Videos | Crowdfunding & Investor Pitch Video

Do you want a Conversion Optimized Pitch Video Animation for your Crowdfunding & Investor Pitch Video or Animation Explainer Videos?

Austin Visuals Animation Studio makes custom award-winning Pitch Animation Videos to ensure your campaign’s a complete success by using tactics developed through years of military propaganda and psychological operations testing.

For years, Austin Visuals has been helping film makers, businesses, venture capitalists, investors, and individuals produce state of the art Crowdfunding Pitch Videos, advertising, branding, TV/Web commercials to fit any budget.

Austin Visuals helps filmmakers (content creators), small businesses, and entrepreneurs, affordably produce state of the art pitch videos, advertising, branding, and TV/Web commercials. Our Commercials and Animations can help clients stand out from competing campaigns, and convince the audience of your compelling idea. Video in your crowdfunding campaign increases it’s success up to 50% according to popular crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter.

You don’t need to have huge Hollywood budgets to create amazingly effective videos that raise money. First, our Expert Animation Team at Austin Visuals will work with you to create a custom storyboard to effectively deliver your message in the clearest and most exciting way. Second, our propagandist experts whose experience in Psychological Operations, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Shopping Network Video Production will systematically augment your video during the production process. We can accommodate your source video footage and branding into the process to give your audience the highest level of authenticity and you the highest level of authority.

In order attract a large interest to what you’re doing you’ll need a video. It’s a little known fact that including video into your crowdfunding campaign increases it’s success up to 50% according to Kickstarter. You don’t need to have huge Hollywood budgets to create amazingly effective videos that raise a lot of money, you just have to have the right experts by your side to help you get there.  Videos are engaging tools that help investors understand your business, idea, concept, who they are investing in, and a call to action to move forward on your investment.

When you are making a script we recommend you don’t try to wing it. Crowdfunding is both an art and a science, unless you are a highly trained public speaker, we don’t recommend posting a video without doing proper pre-planning and research first. Make sure when you’re writing your script, include the who, what, when, where and why into your campaign video.

Use Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio for:

• Crowdfunding pitch videos
• Investor Pitch Videos & Explainer Videos
• TV and Web Commercials
• Branding & Brand Identity
• Brand Positioning
• Brand Strategy
• Messaging Framework
• Campaign Creative
• Media Planning and Buying
• Search Engine Optimization Consultation (SEM, SEO )

To add conversion science and and excitement to your message, Call Us now at (512) 591-8024 or CLICK HERE to request a free quote  or Email us at :  [email protected] to learn more about how Austin Visuals can help you with your business; we’d love to take your concept or idea to be psychologically powerful so that the audience will believe and support you.
Here are some extra tips from Austin Visuals Animation Explainer Videos to ensure your campaign is successful:

Video and Audio quality are important to make your concept a reality. Bad video signals a bad campaign to the audience and there are more and more professional campaigns launching everyday. Video and Audio quality are important. Many think creating crowdfunding pitch videos or Animation Explainer Videos are easy. Although you may be able to get fair results shooting a video yourself with your iPhone or Android device, to really make your campaign soar you will need a proven formula to create your video so that you can reach the audience that is funding your project and basically give them at what they want to see, in the way they expect to see it.

Unless its entirely impossible, we recommend you seek professional help to produce your crowdfunding pitch videos or Animation Explainer Videos. When creating a successful campaign, your video is one of the most powerful promo materials available at your disposal to persuade people to support your project. Invest time and commit to ensure the video you produce is up to high quality standards so that you can raise the most capital possible using it. We hope you’ll work with Austin Visuals to help you brand and translate your vision into the best finished product possible.