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Courtroom Graphics Company and Trial Graphics

Austin Visuals is a legal animation company that has a High Admittance and delivers results.

Austin Visuals Legal Animation Studio is ready to provide you with powerful evidence your firm can use to visualize accidents, witness testimonies, depositions, providing clear and unbiased accounts of events in a compelling way the court can easily understand.

We’re Texas-based with offices in Houston, Austin, and Dallas and have worked with law firms on trial graphics or Courtroom Graphics from coast to coast. Call or Text us 1-512-591-8024 or email us [email protected]

Courtroom Graphics Company and Trial Graphics

Learn how our Team of legal expert Animators can help you win your case with Custom Trial Graphics and Animation. At Austin Visuals , we specialize in 3D animation and video post-production services. While our expertise lies in creating visually stunning and engaging content for various industries, including entertainment, advertising, and education, we do not specifically focus on defense-related projects. However, our team of skilled professionals can bring your ideas to life and help you effectively communicate your message through high-quality animations and videos. Whether you need product demonstrations, training videos, or promotional materials, we are here to provide you with top-notch creative solutions. Contact us today to discuss your specific project requirements and how we can assist you in achieving your goals. — With Austin Visuals you get a cohesive team of professional legal animators.

Take us to court with you, and you’ll have a team with an average of 20 years experience that goes to over 40 trials each year.  Put our experience to work for you. We know trials are high-stress but we keep our cool, offer solutions that have saved dozens of all-nighters, and deliver when it counts. Our staff goes to trial as an extension of your team from setting up the warroom to toasting at the victory dinner.

Our Worksamples:

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Things to think about when considering Visuals for your Courtroom Case:

  • Could it be helpful for your audience (i.e., mediator, jurors, etc.) to see a visualization of what could have happened if someone had made a different decision?
  • Do you intend to use any still visuals, such as charts, graphs, or timelines?
  • Does your case involve multiple medical or reports, that are complex to understand and therefore helpful to your audience for them to understand the case?
  • Does your case involve personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, aviation or motor vehicle accidents?
  • Does the opposing counsel use visuals of any kind?
Courtroom Graphics Company and Trial Graphics

Expertise Matters

Austin Visuals specializes in Forensic Visualization, 3D modeling and 3D animation and Illustration. We prioritize practicality, cost-effectiveness, and persuasion. Our skilled team offers warroom support, trial logistics, equipment, and video production.

Most people start by looking at work that an animation company has done for other clients, reading testimonials, and looking at YELP.  And that’s a good start, but we don’t think you should stop there. Obviously, you’re here at our website and have probably looked at our demo reel or checked us out on social media platforms.

We have experience in Vehicle Accident Reconstruction, Forensic Visualization, Courtroom Graphics and Presentations, Civil Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Property and Real Estate, Intellectual Property Rights, Technology, Merger and Acquisitions, Criminal litigation, International commercial law, Public international law, Maritime law, and legal tv commercials to name a few. Reach out to us at (512) 591-8024 or [email protected].

Courtroom Graphics Company and Trial Graphics

Why Austin Visuals?

Why Austin Visuals: Elevate Your Legal Narrative with Compelling Courtroom Animation

When it comes to courtroom animation and trial graphics, Austin Visuals is your unmatched choice. Founded in 2007 by visionary Matthew Winters, our legacy of high-quality animations sets us apart. We’re not your standard animation studio; we’re a team of passionate creatives who specialize in crafting animations that tell your legal story like no one else can.

Our focus is crystal clear: we excel at creating animations and graphics that captivate and persuade. By collaborating seamlessly between our administrative office and remote locations, we ensure top-notch quality without the overhead costs. This means more value for you.

Courtroom Graphics Company and Trial Graphics

Your case is unique, and that’s why we customize our approach to suit your specific objectives. We’re here to bring your narrative to life, making sure every detail is a powerful testament to your legal strategy.

With a team armed with cutting-edge technology, we transform your ideas into visuals that leave a lasting impact. Our track record speaks volumes, having partnered with esteemed clients like NASA, University of Texas Austin, Harvard Medical, and The Smithsonian Institute.

We also provide expertise in areas such as warroom support, trial logistics, equipment, and video production.

From start to finish, we’re your partners. We manage, direct, and produce your project, guaranteeing it aligns perfectly with your vision. Let Austin Visuals elevate your legal presentations with compelling visuals that resonate. Ready to transform your legal narrative? Reach out to us at (512) 591-8024 or [email protected]. Experience the Austin Visuals difference today.

Our ClientsHow to Find Investors for Medical Innovations

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View some of our work examples here:

**Many of our Courtroom Graphics Cases are under Non-Disclosure agreements; however, please view our public work examples that demonstrate our Animation, Graphics and Forensic Visualization Capabilities here: Have a case you’d like visuals for? Let’s chat call us right away 1-512-591-8024 or email us [email protected]

Device Explainers and Demonstratives

About Austin Visuals

Austin Visuals has worked with clients all over the country and parts of the world outside our borders since 2007.  That means we’re going to be here when you need us.  We’re not going anywhere. At Austin Visuals, our CEO Matt Winters and our Creative Director Nancy Schirm manage ALL accounts regardless of budget size. We’re always accessible, and report or meet with you at least twice a week during production.  We take responsibility and accountability for ensuring you get the most value for your marketing investment. It’s important to learn how to choose the best animation studio for your budget.

We Deliver On Time

Getting the project done on time is as important as getting it done on budget.  You don’t want to miss an investor presentation or a new product launch because your animation company missed a deadline.  Austin Visuals stays on time and budget with constant communication and by giving you realistic and true expectations from the very beginning.

What is the Legal Courtroom Graphics Animation Making Process? 

Making a Custom 3D or 2D Animation or Courtroom Graphics is a process with multiple steps. You may be wondering how can you be involved in the creation of your custom animation video project when you may not have all the knowledge about how animation is even created or the steps involved? Not to worry! We are experts in creating Custom Animation or Courtroom Graphics and have been doing it for over 17 years. We will guide you every step of the way to ensure you’re never lost and that you’re fully informed with all of your options. So, talk freely to us, we speak your language.  To learn more please read our process FAQ just click here.

Decide how you’re going to judge the quality of your 2D or 3D animation Courtroom Graphics

The ultimate test is, “does it work”, of course.  Does it explain or demonstrate your narrative properly? Austin Visuals can match any level of visual quality in a broad range of art styles as our studio can. We can design groundbreaking visuals for projects and produce completely custom visuals for you. We have the ability to design your Animation and Courtroom Graphics deliverables so you can get the highest ROI possible for your Animation investment.

How Much does Legal Court Room Graphics Animation Cost?

Legal Animation Costs vary depending on Urgency of need, Amount of Scenes, total length of video, how detailed or complex are the visuals to name a few common factors. We recommend you call or email us for a quote so we can assess your needs. 1-512-591-8024 or email us [email protected]

We Want to Earn Your Business This Time and Next Time.  If you have questions or want to compare us in other ways before you choose us, text or call (512) 591-8024  or email us [email protected] or fill out our contact form and let’s get started.  We’re right here when and where you need us!

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