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#1 VFX Studio – Our Custom Visual Effects That Are Beyond Words

Dragons, and Dinosaurs, Spaceships, Epic Battles, and Wizards, Oh My! Our Custom Visual Effects That Are Beyond Words!

You’re here because you know audiences today demand visual effects that amaze them and fire their imagination. You’re also here because you want an animation/visual effects company like Austin Visuals that can create them and make your story stand out.

Our VFX Studio Brings Your Vision To Life

Austin Visuals is a VFX Studio, and we provide the best VFX services. We’ll reduce your management stress and treat your project with the same care you do. Our experienced team will coordinate and communicate while we work with you bringing the technical and creative experience to complete your FX on time and on budget.

We’re an award-winning VFX Studio and Content Creation Company, focused on creating experiences that entertain and inspire through creative and imaginative visuals. Our team of seasoned supervisors, producers, and artists will work with your team to create cutting edge groundbreaking effects.

Our VFX studio can work on scenes or segments or oversee all aspects of production from concept to finish. Our principal offices are located in Austin, TX and in Dallas, TX.  Our client base is international.

Austin Visuals offers best in class services on all types of visual effects for feature films, commercials, television, virtual reality, games, mobile apps. We live and breathe creative challenges and make magic with pixels every day.

If you have a creative challenge and want to have a world-class team of artists, designers, and technical directors, in a complete VFX studio, then look no further. We are known for delivering boutique-style project management that we back with years of experience and the latest technology to deliver the highest quality product to you.

Austin Visuals’ Clients include: Warner Brothers, Discovery Channel, The Smithsonian Institute, Pure Imagination Studios, and other major film studios and commercial boutiques.

Use Austin Visuals’ VFX studio for:

Contact us today for your needs and questions CLICK HERE to request a quote online or email us at: [email protected] to discuss your project and would love an opportunity to take your FX and graphics to the next level.


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