Why Austin Visuals Is The Right Choice


We Are Dedicated to Your Success.

We work hard to become a member of your team.  We value long term relationships that are built by helping our Customers be successful.  We have worked with many of our clients for years and attribute our high client retention rate to our responsiveness to their marketing needs and consistent dedication to their ongoing success.  We’re serious when we should be, because great marketing can make the difference between life and death for some businesses and some budgets.  You should know, though, that we are sometimes really quite funny.  Hilarious really.  We’re nice to be around.  We enjoy the Customers with whom we work, and (not being conceited or anything) (ok pretty proud but not conceited), we think they enjoy us too.

Highly Experienced Team – Each of our staff has an average of 25+ years of marketing, design, and advertising experience, which allows us to design custom 2D and 3D animation for you that is engaging, entertaining, and that sells more of your products and services than what other animation studios may produce for you. We have been servicing the industry for years in 3D Animation, Video Production and Visual Effects. We are one of the most experienced and creative team of Animation Specialists in the industry servicing clients globally. We can visually communicate any thought or idea you have.

Fastest Turnaround Time – Austin Visuals has a state-of-the-art animation pipeline one of the few in the industry, that allows our company to provide you with a much faster turnaround time than our competitors. We have a reputation for getting anything done and we stand by it.  Quick service and response is part of who we are. We have the largest capabilities in all of Austin, TX to produce large scale 3D Animation projects on time.

Turn-Key – Our highly experienced animators have the passion, skill, and expertise to drive your project forward from; concept-to-completion, we move your idea forward with innovation and speed.

Always Available – We are always available to service your needs. You can message or call us 24/7 and you’ll always be able to get a hold of us the same day. We work late and weekends just to make sure your project exceeds your expectations every time.

Highest Quality – We consistently produce some of the Highest Quality, most impressive Animation work in the industry. We are the largest 3D Animation Studio in all of Austin, TX and take great pride in producing work that our clients and their customers love. Nationally, very few companies can match our level of visual quality and detail we are able to achieve with our proprietary 3D Animation Process and even fewer studios can achieve such a broad range of art styles as our studio can. We can confidently produce any style of animation you can find reference for and we can even design groundbreaking visuals for projects you don’t have any reference for and produce completely custom visuals for you. We have the ability to design your Animation and Graphics deliverables so you can re-use content across multiple platforms such as your mobile apps, tradeshow presentations, and websites so you can get the highest ROI possible for your Animation investment.

Individual Expert Attention – Our Animation and Production Experts are committed to working by YOUR side, guiding you along the animation process. We also assign a Project Manager to your project so that each project gets individualized attention.

Full Support Team – We are fully staffed with 3D Animators, Producers, Cartoonists, Illustrators, Sound Designers, and Marketing and Branding Industry Experts to ensure your project is a complete success every time. We are proud to be the largest 3D Animation Studio is Austin TX. Our state-of-the-art animation pipeline, allows Austin Visuals to offer a much wider variety of related services than our traditional competitors. Austin Visuals is a full-service, concept-to-launch facility. We can create any kind of Animation, Design, illustration, Video Production, FX or graphics you can imagine. If you can dream of it, we can bring it to life. We transform your ideas into reality.

Security – Your security and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. Our systems are continually backed up by secure servers and our infrastructure remains secure behind some of the best firewalls in the industry and we routinely sign non-disclosure agreements so that your project can remain completely confidential for as long as you like. You can rest assured, you’ll never lose a file with us and your privacy will always be respected by us.

Integrity & Hard Work – We operate with an unmatched level of experience, hard work, and transparency with your project to make sure your project is delivered on time, every time. We don’t sleep until your project is delivered and you’re completely happy with your product.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We’re so confident you’ll be Wow’d by our services every time, we guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with the Custom Animation and Video we make for you! It’s just that simple. This is an offer you won’t find at other 3D Animation Studios.

We Want to Earn Your Business This Time and Next Time.

We will ALWAYS treat you as our priority.  You can talk to our CEO/Owner anytime.  We’ll assign and experienced Executive Producer to your account who will be in constant contact with you.  No question or concern will ever go unanswered. And that’s a seven days a week promise.


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We Guide You Every Step Of The Way

Making a Custom Animation or Video is a process with multiple steps. You may be wondering how can you be involved in the creation of your custom animation video project when you may not have all the knowledge about how animation is even created or the steps involved? Not to worry! We are experts in creating Custom Animation and Graphics and have been doing it for over 10 years. We will guide you every step of the way to ensure you’re never lost and that you’re fully informed with all of your options. So, talk freely to us, we speak your language.

We Listen in Your Language Too.

No one knows your goals and infrastructure as well as you do.  So we listen a lot. We ask many questions to be sure we understand what you need and when you need it.  For each project, we work with you to identify business objectives and goals, and implement unique, custom, creative 3D and 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Illustrations, Scripting and other tools tailored just for you.


Talented Designers & Experienced Writers, Marketers, and Animators

Our Animation team is led by an experienced specialist in Medical Animation.  There is virtually no device yet conceived, procedure yet conducted, disease, treatment, or surgical process yet known that he hasn’t put into pixels.  He’s supported by a talented team of writers, illustrators, artists, marketing and web professionals.  If you can imagine it or do it, we can animate it.

Hundreds of Clients & Decades of Experience

Since 2007, Austin Visuals has helped hundreds of businesses, organizations, and healthcare Customers be successful with their marketing efforts.  We want to use this knowledge and expertise to help you take your business to the next level with results-driven marketing solutions.  If by now you’re saying, “well, there haven’t BEEN decades since 2007”, you’re right!  We are including the 20 plus years of experience of our lead Medical Animator, and the nearly 25 years of experience of our CMO who has been a public relations director, marketing director, VP of Strategy and Development, physician recruiter, hospital administrator, and consultant to surgery centers, specialty physician practices, surgical device manufacturers and allied health professionals.  

We Make the Complex Seem Simple

There are many steps in the Animation process.  We’ll make sure you understand each one so you always feel like you know exactly what is happening and why.  We’ll go into as much detail as you like…but be warned, we love what we do and you might have to interrupt and say, ‘Ok I get it, I get it’ more than once.

And Also This

We’re also HUB certified as a Minority Owned Business.  That can be an advantage for you if your work involves government contracting or the FDA.

Did We Mention We WANT Your Business?

We do.  And we’ll work hard to earn it every day.