Custom 2D Cartoon Animation | Diva Detective

3D Medical Device Explainer Video | Client Prytime

3D Scientific Explainer Animation | Client Curis

3D, Motion Graphics, 2D Spray Foam Insulation Explainer Video | Client Spray Foam World Wide

3D Dental Device Explainer Video | Client AflexX Assist Arm

Motion Graphics Promotional Video | Client My Network Builder

2D Custom Music Video Animation | Client Russell Boyd

Networking Software Product Conference Video | Client Network Builder

2D Gerontology Explainer Video | Client The Gerontological Society

2D Kickstarter Video | Client Seagull Robotics

3D Technical Explainer Video | AT&T Labs

Digital Magazine Motion Graphics | Delaware North

2D Motion Graphics Explainer | Client Dallas Chamber

Custom 2D Animation | Client Bates Security

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3D Technical Renderings | Client Ideahouse

2D Spanish Animation Explainer | Texas Association of Counties

2D Explainer Animation | Client Satcom

3D Animation Architecture Visualization | Client Atlas Architecture

2D Animation Product Explainer | Client Purlin

2D Motion Graphic and Character Explainer Animation | Client Evan the IT Guy

2D Animated Commercial | Client Valet Storage

3D Device Explainer Video | Client Adjustco

Knitting Sheep | 2D Animation | Client Sock City

3D Technical Safety Explainer Animation

Nursing Animals | Explainer 2D Animation

Lifesaving 3D Medical Device Explainer Video

3D Technical Video | Process & Safety Solutions

3D Architectural Visualization of Office Development in Austin | Client Davenport

Anchor Box | 3D Product Visualization | Anchor Ring

Cannabis 3D Product Visualization | Hello Mellow

Peptide 3D Animation | Client University of Texas

3D Animation Strip Wire Explainer Video | Client Bryant Electric

Augmented Reality Sample | Bee Animation

Teleman | 2D Animation | Client Apicci Games

Custom 2D Character Political Satire Product Commercial | Client CanSpace Solutions

Quatrefoil – Smithsonian Augmented Reality | Industrial Visualization

New Crew | 2D Animated Introduction to MeetUp App

2D Animated Cupid Rookie TV Promo | Nickelodeon

Water Filtration 3D Animation | Tradeshow Product Ad

Demo Reel 2019 | Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio

Car Commercial Animated TV Ad | Client Dallas Hyundai

Energy Company Public Education Video | Laric | Client Tesoro

3D Character Mascot ‘Sunny’ Web Commercial Intro

Kickstarter Pitch Video | Enjoy-A-Bowl | Client Dr. Joe Owens

E-Learning Business Consulting Group 2D Animation | Project Cookie

Kickstarter Video Product Commercial | Fuze iPhone Case

Custom 3D Animated Message | Dancing Bears | Client Hallmark

DooWop 3D Character TV Promo | Client Nickelodeon

TV Promo 30 Second Spot Character-Based 3D Animation | G-Daddy And Subwoofer | Client Nickelodeon

Feature Film Promo Trailer 3D Animation | Last Station

Feature Film Promo Trailer Character-Based 3D Animation | Manieggs Revenge

Max Mix – Engineering Transportation Explainer Video

TV Spot Commercial Promos | Insect | Client Nickelodeon

Web Commercial Christmas Book Promo | Sad Santa

Gastric Bypass Surgery And Mastication 3D Medical Visualization

Free Radical Antioxidant 3D Medical Visualization

Eye Anatomy 3D Medical Visualization

Heart Arrhythmia Medical 3D Visualization

Chest Compression Medical 3d Animation

Web Commercial Ad | Client Crayola

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Tooth Replacement Implant Procedure 3D Animation

Mother’s Day 3D Animation | Hallmark

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Data Center Airflow, Power, And Cooling 3D Visualization | Client OnRamp Data Centers

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Plant Cell Zoom-In 3D Visualization Animation Educational Video

Motion Graphics 3D Animated Sci-fi Sequence Custom Greeting Card | Stellar | Client Hallmark

Christmas 3D Animated Short Web Commercial | The Magical Fairy Bear | Client Hallmark

Pop-Up Book Digital Thank You Card B2B | Client Walgreens

Teddy Bear Custom Message Web Promo | Client Hallmark

Animated TV Commercial | Client Nickelodeon

Medical Syringe Device Visualization 3D Animation

Total Knee Replacement Surgical Procedure 3D Animation

Dental Implant Surgical Procedure 3D Animation | Client Dr. Reebye

Total Knee Replacement 3D Animation | Client Orthopaedic Clinic Sydney

TV Commercial Hyundai Baton Rouge | Client Hyundai

TV Commercial Hyundai New Mexico | Client Hyundai

Happy Easter Rabbit 3D Animation | Client Hallmark

The Magical Fairy Bear Promo | Character-Based 3D Animation | Client Hallmark

Brand Awareness And Customer Education Video | Client Cirrus Logic

Taxi Service Web Commercial | Client Newburg Taxi

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Airport Announcement 2D Animated Video | Client Canadian Saskatoon Airport Authority

Automotive 3D TV Commercial | Kunes Country Auto

Promo Web Commercial | Client 5 Gum

Business Consulting Group E-Learning 3D Animation

Vancouver Energy Pipeline Explainer Video 3D Animation | Client Tesoro

Hyundai Car TV Commercial For Alabama Region | Client Hyundai

Virus Protection Airflow Filtration System Animation | Client AP Barn

Forensic 3D Accident Recreation | Fred Yazdi Case | Client Keith Hampton

Engine Wear Cavitation 3D Visualization | Client John Deere

AWARE – Warning System For TxDot Worker Safety 3D Visualization | Client Old Castle Materials

Web Commercial Explainer Video For Startup | Trading Card Game | Client Flip Art

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Sales Presentation Aid Illustrating Unhealthy Families | Client Saladmaster Inc.

Startup Pitch Video For Grocery Delivery Service | 2D Animation

Gasoline Saving Device Explainer Video 3D Animation

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E-Liquid For Vaporizers Explainer Video | Client JuiceBox

Asthma Attack Animated 3D Visualization

Promotional 2D Animation | Client Chuy’s Mexican Cantina

Water Filtration System 3D Animation Visualization | EQ1000 Product Explainer | Client Aquasana

Austin TX Highway Improvement Public Educational Animated Video | Client CTRMA and HNTB

Medication Safety Software Explainer

Nevada 30 Second TV Spot Commercial | Bacon | Client One Bank

TV Commercial Video | Client Auto Insurance America

Plane Flight Path 3D Animation | Austin TX to Los Angeles

Chicago O’Hare Airport 3D Visualization | Client ClearChannel Airports

Investor Pitch Video | Device Prototype 2D Animation | Client FlyyZone

Medical Device Animation | Sinus Treatment Explainer Video | Client Aerin Medical

Phone Case Prototype 3D Animation Explainer | Client Nomad

Chicago Airport 3D Visualization Animation

New Product Prototype Animation – Trashcan Lifter

PopUpPlayToy | Marketing Startup Company Pitch Explainer Video

Earth Plate Tectonic 3D Visualization | Earth Cutaway View | Client Hong Kong Government

3D Earth Animation | Earth Crust Interior 3D Visualization

Flight of Magic Clip 3 | Animated Short | Story-Based And Character 3D Animation

Animated Short Character 3D Animation

Flight of Magic Clip 1 | Animated Short | Story-Based And Character 3D Animation

Hide And Seek With Scamper | Cartoon And Story-Based 3D Animation

Traffic Stuck | Animated Short | 3D Cartoon Character & Story-Based Animation

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