OnRamp Datacenters approached Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio to create custom 3d Animation for their Data Centers. OnRamp wanted 3D Animation Flyover of their facilities in Austin, TX to show their customers what their facilities were like for those customers that had not visited.

OnRamp wanted to show how their customers how their power system were situated and wanted to be able to visually communicate how their data center cooling process works and how their reduntant power supply plays a role in their cooling process.

Austin Visuals create custom animation from concept-to-completion to help OnRamp Visualize their Datacenter. Austin Visuals used a combination of 3D Autocad files OnRamp provided, along with our own 3D custom modeling process to create extra detail in models that was not present in the original Autocad Files. After the layout process was complete, Austin Visuals worked with OnRamp to lay out each camera shot then produce the final 3d process animation.

The results are that OnRamp is able to use this Animation on their website and social media platforms to help them drive sales growth, and our custom visuals gives their customers a richer experience of what the datacenter is like. 3D Graphics provide OnRamp with a way to differentiate themselves from their competition with their marketing message.

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