Atlas Architecture

Austin Visuals was approached by a local Austin-Based Architecture firm. They had a client that wanted to see and interact with their architecture designed before the concept was built. Austin Visuals frequently sees this need in the architecture space where a concept must be visualized before the final project is created and approved. Sometimes clients want to see how the materials and colors fit in with the surrounding environment, sometimes clients want to see how easily it is to move from space to space, other times clients want to see what they can see line of sight from each building so that certain focal points are reveals from strategic locations.

With Atlas Architecture they wanted a few 3D still Renderings and their client had hoped to have something interactive. So Austin Visuals built them a software program where their client could move in real time around their architectural environment. We provided a 3D Visualization solution for this client and they were really pleased with the result. We received some autocad files, and other parts of the file were not finished. Our team had to finish out the autocad unfinished components and provide an interactive walkthrough of the space. Austin Visuals requested photos of the incomplete site where this was being built and our team filled in the rest with a few conversations with Atlas.

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