3D Technical Explainer Video – AT&T Labs

Austin Visuals was approached by AT&T labs to create an animated video for their investors and local community. The purpose of the video was to show in simple terms how 5g technology works and show some of the benefits of using this technology. 5G technology is early and new, but those are the most common reasons our clients turn to visualizing their concepts with computer animation.

Austin Visuals completed this project in about 1 month. We worked with AT&T labs lightly on the scripting process and professionally consulted their team so they could make informed decisions about what content to place into their short video. Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio consulted AT&T advising them about how to simplify their script and visuals so they could effectively communicate their concept to investors. In order to make the most cost effective production for AT&T labs, we also used a combination of pre-made 3D assets and custom 3D Models, as well as came up with a stylized look for the video to help them reduce the cost of the production. Due to the simplified nature of the 3D objects and characters, there were less moving parts in the production to handle which helped us to make quicker creative changes to the production. In larger companies there are often many teams that have differing opinions, especially when it comes to 1st time collaborative creative productions; therefore, Austin Visuals formed a creative solution allowing us to make 3D adjustments on the fly due to simplifying the 3D pipeline with pre-made assets and having a stylized render output.

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