The Problem

Oral-B, a titan in the oral care sector, aimed for an innovative launch of their new electric toothbrush. Their goal was to uniquely and engagingly detail the product’s features and advantages to their worldwide audience.

The Approach

Austin Visuals, recognized for their proficiency in 3D product animation, took up the project. The team studied the electric toothbrush intensively, grasping its technical details and unique selling points. Consequently, we conceived a plan to represent these intricacies via a compelling 3D animation.

The Process

Leveraging cutting-edge 3D product animation tools, Austin Visuals developed an exhaustive video featuring the electric toothbrush. The animation accurately and appealingly depicted the design and operation, emphasizing the product’s distinguishing benefits.

The Result

Oral-B received the final 3D product animation video enthusiastically. The video, showcased on their website and social media, efficiently highlighted the electric toothbrush’s attributes and benefits. The animation outperformed Oral-B’s expectations, proving to be a valuable component of their marketing strategy.

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