Valet Storage Austin Visuals Client Case Study

Originally a startup called Valet Storage approached Austin Visuals to solve their problem. They needed a custom pitch deck to show to investors. The issue was they had some ideas how to make a commercial and what to say in general, but the founders didn’t know what to say specifically about their product. They approached Austin Visuals Animation Studio with their problem of needing to create a short explainer video and advertisement for their startup business.

The Austin Visuals team listened, and carefully custom constructed a concept. It’s not just the video you see on this screen that was a magic make animation button. When you view this video, there was a lot of hard work and many creative conversations that went into selecting the right choices the client enjoyed that eventually led to the creation of this custom 2D Animated Commercial.

Producing Custom Animation

2D Animated Commercial – Producing custom animation for 2D Animated Commercials have always been a passion of ours at Austin Visuals.