Challenge at Hand

Tandeum roofing their headquarters is out of Florida. Their challenge is they had a new gutter system product but they needed Animation to explain how their system worked. They tried explaining it by hand but people wouldn’t take them seriously. So they needed some custom marketing material they could put on their website. They contacted Austin Visuals and selected Austin Visuals due to our experience in producing technical 3d animation for the past 16+ years.

Choosing Austin Visuals

One thing when selecting an animation company, we don’t just produce pretty pictures they have to be accurate. Usually technical animation requires much back and forth strong communication between the client and animation company so that’s why an American company is strongly preferred that has strong English communication skills and has also solved a similar technical animation problem before in order to likely produce with ease a compelling visual result that’s also accurate to the product that needs visualization.

Strategy and Understanding

We initiated the project with comprehensive research. Austin Visuals spent ample time understanding Tandem Roofing’s systems, ensuring our animations would be accurate and complete. We also focused on creating a simple, clear narrative to highlight the unique aspects of their roof systems.

Roof System 3D Animation Video – Tandem Roofing

Execution and Delivery

Our efforts led to the creation of a detailed 3D animation video. This video simplified the installation process, showing the layered setup and explaining their collective role in ensuring durability and weather resistance. The complex roof systems became easily understandable, thanks to our engaging 3D animation.

Reflecting on Success

We produced tanduem’s animation and they what we produced ended up being what they needed for their marketing needs and for their website to help explain and sell more of their product and to be taken seriously in the market.

Future Endeavors

This case highlights how Austin Visuals can turn complex processes into captivating visual stories. Discover more about our services and how they can benefit your business. Contact us at [email protected] or call 1-512-591-8024. Let us help you simplify the complex and make technical concepts accessible!

The Austin Visuals team