Boo Boo Bandits – Episode 2 – VFX Animation

Portal 3D Animation – A movie film production studio in Houston approached Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio requesting us to help them with 200 Visual Effects shots for their independent film. The challenge was that at the time of the original shot, the the production company was unable to get VFX Supervision and planning for a fairly FX heavy film. Austin Visuals created numerous FX shots involving roto, greenscreen, color correction, match moving, paint, and custom 3D Animated FX.

For this shot you see, we had a been given a background plate. We prepared the background plate, color corrected, custom created the CGI portal / vortex effect. Then the Superhero girl character was given to us on a separate plate on screen screen. Austin Visuals keyed out those green screen elements, combined the girl with the final plate, then added layered smoke effects so make it look like she was descending from the portal and landing on the ground with force. We worked with the film production company bouncing ideas off of each other until the direction emerged for this shot. Originally there wasn’t storyboards and clear reference for what this shot was going to look like, but Austin Visuals is often able to add creativity and clear direction in cases of technical effects require creativity.

Do you have a project that needs FX ? If you have a concept, film or, video that needs graphics or our creative touch, consider for your next production. We can handle shots like this one from concept-to-completion or we can work with your existing team no matter how many elements you already have in order to make you the best looking shots for your production as possible.