The Task

UT Austin wanted to showcase their breakthrough MasSpec Pen. It’s a complex tool, used to detect cancer during surgery swiftly. The challenge was simplifying this complex science into an engaging, easy-to-understand video. So, they chose us, Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, for the job.

The Approach

We had to understand the MasSpec Pen fully. We did extensive research and collaborated with the UT Austin team. Our goal was to create an animation that accurately portrayed the pen’s operations and potential impact.

The Solution

We used 3D animation to breathe life into the MasSpec Pen. Our design showed how the pen works and how surgeons use it. We made sure the video was simple and engaging, highlighting the pen’s unique value and its role in cancer treatment.

Creating the UT MasSpec Pen 3D Animation

Utilizing our expertise in 3D animation, we brought the MasSpec Pen and its functionality to life. We meticulously designed each frame to portray the pen’s inner workings and usage context during surgery. By using 3D animation, we were able to visualize the product’s utility in an easily understandable manner, showcasing its unique value proposition and potential impact on cancer treatment.

In our animation, we depicted the problem of cancer detection, the solution offered by the MasSpec Pen, and the benefits of its use. Through our 3D animation, we allowed viewers to virtually experience the pen’s game-changing capabilities.

UT Medical Device – MasSpec Pen

The Outcome

The 3D animation video was a hit. It successfully explained the MasSpec Pen, making it easier for people to understand this scientific innovation. It also illustrated how the device can transform cancer surgeries, thus increasing its perceived value.

Austin Visuals was able to bridge the gap between a complex scientific invention and public understanding through 3D animation. Looking to do the same for your innovative products? Reach out to us at [email protected] or call 1-512-591-8024. Let’s turn your innovations into engaging visual stories.