3D Product Animation Web Commercial – Catch Monkey

The great people at Catch Monkey, based out of San Antonio, TX approached Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio with a problem. They had manufactured a prototype for a catch-all for all your stuff made to fit in between the seats in your car. The Catch Monkey team only had the physical product prototype to give us and they had no script or commercial ideas and wanted Austin Visuals to create that material for them. Austin Visuals gladly accepted the project.

Austin Visuals got started by holding a series of meetings with the Catch Monkey team. We asked a series of questions in order to fully understand their end goal and their expectations. After our initial assessment, we got started by pitching our concept which they immediately loved. They approved it right away and we moved into the storyboarding phase. After finishing boards we presented them and we went through some revisions at this phase in the project. Initially the client really wanted a realistic looking 3D Monkey. We made some concept art for them which they approved. Then after we started developing the Monkey in more detail the client made a decision to change from a realistic looking Monkey to a more cartoon based one with softer features. We made the appropriate changes in concept then started producing the animation.

The Catch Monkey ad took about 6 weeks to produce from concept-to-completion. It was about 2-3 weeks for concept and assessment, then 3 weeks for producing the advertisement. Do you have a project you need a custom web ad for? Let us know how we can help. At Austin Visuals we produce custom 2D, 3D, and Virtual Reality videos for businesses of any size. Contact us [email protected] and let us take your project to the next level.