Davenport 360

Austin Visuals Animation Studio was approached by a pair of investors in a Davenport 360 project. The project’s goal was to acquire some property around Austin, Texas near Pennybacker bridge, develop as commercial real estate property. Austin Visuals was initially invited to survey the area. Upon the survey, clients stated they wanted an informational video created that would explain the benefits the commercial development would bring to help entice commercial property renters through a compelling animated video.

Throughout the course of the survey, Austin Visuals suggested the best way to tell the story was through use of integrated drone footage. So Austin Visuals Animation Studio received AutoCad drawings from the client and proceeded to construct this animated video. We also included capturing drone footage with our own drone camera operator. You can see the footage custom edited and incorporated into this video along with custom titles, graphics, and 3D Animation. At the time Austin Visuals created this video the land around the property had only been purchased but not developed so there was an additional challenge of presenting a future development without the trees being removed and the land being more fully developed. Austin Visuals advised the client through storyboards and animatics to create the best presentation possible.