The Problem

Arapahoe Community College (ACC), a long-established educational institution, faced a challenge. They needed to creatively introduce and promote their Workforce & Community Programs to a wide range of age groups. The college sought a compelling, engaging way to showcase these programs to the community. Moreover, they wanted to infuse a sense of identity into the presentation by incorporating the college’s beloved mascot. ACC needed an innovative solution that would not only inform but also inspire potential students.

The Story

To address ACC’s unique needs, they partnered with Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, a leader in animation video creation. The team at Austin Visuals understood that the task was twofold: first, to develop an engaging and informative animation about the ACC Workforce & Community Programs, and second, to incorporate the mascot in a meaningful way. The animation needed to be simple, yet effective in its messaging. The Austin Visuals team worked closely with ACC, obtaining their input and feedback at every stage. As the animation took shape, ACC’s excitement was palpable. They expressed their satisfaction with phrases like, “this is just what we wanted”.

The final product was a Mascot 2D Animation Video. The video featured the mascot as a guide, leading the audience through various scenes representing the different programs. Each scene was designed to be clear, engaging, and easy to understand. The college mascot added a personal touch, reinforcing the sense of community that ACC wanted to project.

Mascot 2D Animation

The Results

The Mascot 2D Animation Video was an instant hit. The simple yet engaging animation attracted the attention of potential students, leading to increased inquiries about ACC’s community programs. The college noted that the video was an effective tool in promoting their offerings and reaching out to the community. The feedback from ACC was overwhelmingly positive, with comments such as “I love how you incorporated our mascot in the video”. This project clearly demonstrated the power of well-executed animation in promoting educational programs and fostering community engagement.

In conclusion, the Mascot 2D Animation Video project by Austin Visuals resulted in a significant increase in community interaction and student enrollment for Arapahoe Community College, validating the power of targeted, engaging, and well-crafted animation.