About this video

Every great event needs an even greater promo! In coordination with the networking app, My Network Builder, we created this paddle boarding event promo advertising an event for those new to Austin and looking for fun! My Network Builder is social networking app for professionals that want an easier way to connect with other business potentials and share their ideas. You can join groups specific to your interests or create groups and invite people in yourself. This app presents an all new way to navigate the networking environment. And every now and then, the platform hosts events for those looking to meet people new to the area! We created this promo to show their audience what they’d be getting into if they stopped by.

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Basically, what we mean is, give us a call and we’ll work with you collaboratively. We’ll help you get the video (or car animation promo) you need and we’ll ‘draw’ from our years of experience to help you do it. We look forward to discussing your next project. We hope you consider AustinVisuals.com