About this video

We’ve all had that uncomfortable visit to the dentist office. What makes it a little less uncomfortable is the anesthesia they apply before doing any major surgeries! Have you ever wondered what goes into that process? Well, Austin Visuals created this dental 3D anesthesia animation to give you a good glimpse into the procedure. We’ve been making medical animation and other videos for over a decade and we love what we do! As a result, doctors and scientists alike trust us to create high quality animation that supports their message and promotes their needs.

About us:

Austin Visuals is headquartered in Austin Texas, and we have an additional office in near Dallas, Texas but our artists work on a distributed model. They work from home, and we’ve been doing it this way for almost 10 years. Artists are able to avoid your usual workplace distraction by working from home and avoiding traffic. This means they can just focus on producing animation almost 24/7.

Additionally, working in a distributed fashion also has the added benefit of allowing us to on board new artists on-the-fly to allow for the best possible production and the lowest possible cost. Best of all we have had 12+ years experience creating productions this way. Our business strives on creating the absolute best quality work for our clients.

Since 2007 Austin Visuals has been creating groundbreaking visuals for businesses, individuals, and creatives. We are their b2b ‘go-to’ for custom graphics. Austin Visuals offers editing, videography, drone photography, custom 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, custom scripting and consultation services. When you have a visual project or dental 3D anesthesia animation, think Austin Visuals.