Retina Anatomy 3D Animation

Medical 3D Animation can be used to educate and train. Some doctors use custom medical 3d Animation to clearly communicate innovative additions to existing procedures to their peers through well thought out custom visuals. Austin Visuals is a 3d Animation studio that’s been creating Animation since 2007. Each project we create is unique.

So how do you pick a 3D Animation Studio to work with for your project? First, you want to find one that has a great reputation. You can google reviews of ‘Austin Visuals’ for example to determine what others have been saying about the company’s work. Next you want to give them a call and see how they make you feel. When you’re building a custom animation, there is usually a lot of back and forth conversations initially when you’re getting started. It’s important that you’re working with people that 1. respond quickly 2. clearly communicate 3. have a personality that you like working with.

Once you have enough information to make a decision about the company you’d like to work with, you can speed up the process by gathering visual reference if you have any, that would be helpful in creating your project. You can gather visual reference from YouTube that can explain visually what you like, what you don’t like, and why. It’s important to gather this reference so that your Animation Team can clearly understand what you want to see. Even if you don’t have any idea of what you envision the final result to be, that’s okay. You can still do your best to gather anything you think might be helpful so that your chosen animation company can understand the visual style, quality, and the specific procedure you’re going towards visualizing. Contact Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio to discuss your project today. We have been creating Medical Visualizations for years and understand accuracy and clearly communicating your message are very important factors in  creating a Medical Animation. Reach out to us and let’s get started today. Email us [email protected] or give us a call 1-512-591-8024.