3D Fire Character Visual Effects with Live Action


Austin Visuals was approached by a Houston Independent Film Studio. The film studio wanted to produce a large quantity of visual effects shots for their live action film. They also feature kids that had super hero style powers. This film was also full of Live Action VFX and here, Austin Visuals was requested to simulate a character being on fire in super hero style.

The Challenge:

The producer needed around 100 FX shots in a short amount of time. For this particular shot, the client also wanted their existing live action character that was already filmed. They also wanted to make it appear as if the character was made of fire. Additionally, the challenge was that we were not prior consulted on visual effects supervision or consultation before the shot was presented to us. Needing to correct a shot in post without background plates is often challenging. Also, another challenge was to get the fire look consistent across multiple shots. Although this is just one shot you see here, there were many more shots that all had different lighting elements happening. When attempting this shot we also had to keep all the other shots in a series in mind. We were generating a fire character for those other shots too.


After Studying the existing footage, our artist team came up with a way to track the shot. With a mix of compositing, overlays, and 3d simulated fire, we were able to achieve the displayed and directed result.


We were able to create this fire character, and also successfully get a consistent look across all the shot series.


Austin Visuals was able to deliver superior results on a small budget, within a tight turnaround and the client remained happy.

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