About this video

Austin Visuals created a software company explainer promo for the networking platform, My Network Builder. We used 2D animation to showcase this applications unique features and functions. In addition, we explain how this software provides a new approach to networking and building an audience for your business.

Network building and promoting your work can be a difficult experience. Organizing meetups, keeping up with potential partners and clients, and doing all of this from multiple apps and platforms! What if there were a way to navigate all of this through the use of a single platform? In addition, what if we could somehow make it easier to reach our target audience and get our message out there? Thankfully, Network Builder gives you everything you need to keep up with your growing business!

My Network Builder gives you all the tools you need to successfully navigate all of the challenges that networking can bring. Their all-in-one service allows you to communicate effectively and efficiently with your peers. Conditionally, Network Builder’s services allow you to organize events, network faster, and extend your influence. Create groups catered to your interests and be matched with groups and people with mutual, beneficial skills. Also, organize and announce special events by keeping your audience informed using group features. Additionally, keep up with your colleagues with by keeping a back up of members you’ve connected with. Network Builder’s creative tools allow you to get the most out of your networking experience.

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Austin Visuals wants highlight the best that your company or product can offer. We take special care in ensuring that we create quality content in anything that we do. We work with various artists and animators to ensure that you are getting the most out of promotion. If you are looking for a software company explainer promo, look no further than Austin Visuals.