About this video

For this video, we teamed up with Atense Inc. to provide them with an informative anti-malware explainer video for their product. Their product provides extra protection against malware on your computer. To showcase this, 2D animation is used to illustrate how the product works and how effective it is. Therefore, we take special care in ensuring that the details of the product are properly displayed and explained. Work with Austin Visuals and rest easy knowing that you’ll receive the best possible quality animation can offer. Austin Visuals takes pride in providing exceptional care in every endeavor we take on.

Are you looking for an animation company that specializes in producing videos for high tech products and software services? Look no further. Austin Visuals Animation Company produces high quality custom Animated Videos for high technology firms of all sizes. We commit ourselves to providing entertaining and engaging content. See an increase in activity towards your business with Austin Visuals.

The challenge we often hear from our clients when they come to us initially is that they’re passionate about their products. However, they sometimes don’t think the average consumer will either understand their product. This is either because their language is too complex and technical, or the average consumer won’t think the product is very interesting although it might be necessary. This is where we come in. Our years of experience at Austin Visuals allows us to assess each project individually. We determine the right messaging for your custom video project so you’ll get the most engagement out of your investment.

No project is too big or too small for Austin Visuals Animation Studio. So when you need an animated explainer video for your company, think AustinVisuals.com