Kickstarter Pitch Video

Enjoy a Bowl creator Dr. Joe Owens is a Veterinarian based in Henderson near Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Joe Owens chose Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio to create a video for his newest invention an enjoy-a-bowl dog bowl made custom for pets. The problem Dr. Joe Owens observed is that sometimes dogs and cats refuse to eat. Animals get sick, then sometimes decide to refuse to eat their usual food. Dr. Joe Owens noticed that dogs tend to start eating again after smelling or eating human food. This was mostly because pets over time would get bored with their food and were highly motivated when presented with something new to eat.


3d animation services by austin visualsThe doctor chose Austin Visuals to help them launch his kickstarter pitch video. His enjoy-a-bowl product was originally prototyped with a 3d printer and  prevents pets from eating human food. It is a bowl with a container beneath the bowl, that the pet owner can insert human food into, then it has holes at the top that allow the smell of human food rise through the top through the dog food placed in the top of the bowl. This unique device allows a dog to regain their appetite for food without need to expose a dog to eating any actual human food. After Austin Visuals created the explainer video for Dr. Joe Owens, his team used our video on his kickstarter and social media to help him fund the rest of the manufacturing of the enjoy-a-bowl process.

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