Filtration 3D Animation – Client Aquasana in Austin, Texas

Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio – Was approached by Aquasana Water filtration systems to produce a 3D realistic looking animation. They had gone with another 3D Animation company before and were very disappointed in the quality. They turned to Austin Visuals in hopes that we would be able to produce something that was more realistic than their previous animation studio and something they could use as a marketing piece to demonstrate how their Water Filtration System works and wow their customers at the same time.

Aquasana had reached out to Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio when they had already tried several times to produce a marketing product video with an alternative animator that was not able to produce the quality they wanted. Aquasana didn’t have a script or storyboard so they turned to Austin Visuals Animation Studio to produce a product marketing video for their upcoming trade show. Aquasana gave Austin Visuals a physical water filter of theirs to examine for the product 3d visualization. We took some pictures and inspected the AutoCad file then got right to work on producing this 3D Animation. We made sure the rendering quality remained high so Aquasana could look its best at their upcoming trade show.