Forensic animation — Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio creates forensic animation & forensic computer animation for homicide investigations and crime scenes. Call (512) 591-8024 for more info.

Forensic animation is a sub-category of 3D animation that is often used in re-creating crime scenes, criminal events, accidents, or disasters that have caused a death.

To begin a forensic animation, data and facts must be gather and compiled from multiple sources. Eyewitness accounts, photographs of the scene, and a variety of other things must be combined with reports from experts in relevant fields. By combining all of the information from these sources including the ballistic reports, Austin Visuals can create a highly accurate crime scene recreation or accident scene reconstruction.

Once all the proper data has been collected, our Animators begin to re-create the scene by creating and placing 3D models, graphics, and images in appropriate places per the accident reports. Once the proper textures, surfaces and colors are added, choices are made with regard to lighting placement and camera angles. The advantage of building a 3D forensic animation of scenes is that a camera is able to move around the accident scene freely to show relevant information. This can be vital as demonstrative evidence in the courtroom in order to help jurors to more clearly understand the facts of the case.

This Animation was created for the Yazi Accident Case in Austin, TX.

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