Gym Fitness Center Grand Opening Explainer Video

Fitness trainer Jeremy Robinson, owner of a local Austin, Texas gym brand called 10 RM Fitness, approached Austin Visuals Animation Studio. He wanted a promotional video that could explain his business to new potential customers in an entertaining way. Austin Visuals helped business owner Jeremy create a custom Animated video to help him attract more customers on social media and help him convert more new customers through his website.

Austin Visuals Company owner, Matthew Winters helped create a custom script and storyboards for this explainer video. Austin Visuals got approval for the script and then we started creating custom character concepts for the client. We hired a professional voiceover artist that was the same artist that created a variety of voices for Warcraft I and II and he was hired for this production.

The video took about 1 month to create. Need a custom 2D Animated video like this one for your business? Email Austin Visuals [email protected] or call us +1-512-591-8024.