The Problem:

Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC), a tech leader in healthcare, had an issue. They had a cutting-edge software that was revolutionizing healthcare management. But, the product was complex. They needed a way to explain this complexity to key stakeholders like health plan providers, hospital systems, and PACE plans.

The Solution

TRHC partnered with Austin Visuals to solve this problem. We’re a firm that thrives on turning complex ideas into compelling narratives. We started by understanding the software. We learned about its unique features and the value it brings to healthcare. Our goal was to make the technical stuff easy for everyone to grasp.

Online Healthcare Medication Software Explainer

The Outcome

The end product was a Medication Software Explainer Video. It made the complex simple. The video presented the technical details of the software in a way that anyone could understand. The balance between technical and easy-to-understand was just right.

TRHC’s video was a hit. It helped bridge the gap between their advanced product and its users. The video was not only educational, but it also highlighted the software’s unique features.

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