The Challenge

TML Health Benefits, a comprehensive health services provider, faced a hurdle. They wanted to communicate their complex service structure to their audience in an engaging and clear manner. Realizing the potency of a visual medium to accomplish this task, they reached out to Austin Visuals, a company with a strong portfolio in Health Animation Explainer Videos.

Our Approach

Understanding TML’s services and audience were our first steps. We knew we had to distill complex healthcare information into an easy-to-understand format. With this in mind, we created a script that made intricate health benefits details accessible to the average viewer.


2D animation was our choice for this project. Known for its ability to break down complex subjects and captivate viewers, it was perfect for TML’s needs. We aligned the script and visuals carefully, pacing the information to make it digestible and enjoyable. Key points were emphasized using attractive animations.

TML Health Animation Explainer Video


The final Health Animation Explainer Video accomplished its goal. It provided a clear and engaging overview of TML Health Benefits’ services. TML was pleased with the result, which proved effective in increasing their reach and audience engagement.

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