Augmented Reality Sample Animation

Austin Visuals was contacted to create an experience on behalf of a creative studio for the Smithsonian Institute. The Smithsonian was preparing an exhibit to put John Lennon’s treasures on display. In order to attract as many exhibitors to the exhibit as possible, but still preserve the properties of the original exhibit, the Smithsonian wanted to create an Augmented Reality experience. The company Quatrefoil contacted Austin Visuals and requested archival scans be sent to Austin Visuals in order to help Quatrefoil create an Augmented Reality display. Austin Visuals created custom 3D Animation for this production and worked with Quatrefoil to produce and test the Augmented Reality Software Component.

This process took just 1 day to create the models involved, 2 days to animate and rig, then about a week of testing to make sure we created the animation just right. The main challenge in this Animation initially was involving occlusion. The Smithsonian Institute didn’t have a pre-defined space they could send us reference us for where the Augmented Reality or XR display was going to be setup initially. This posed a challenge in that at the making of this custom software, some aspects of this technology were new and required the software at the time required a bit more knowledge of specific surroundings. Within a week, Austin Visuals 3D Animation studio rose to the challenge and worked with Quatrefoil to figure out the occlusion problem. Together we solved the challenge and were able to give the Smithsonian a product that could be configured on a set of more ambiguous terms, and across a variety of backgrounds.

In the technology world, things don’t always go smoothly. It is our job at Austin Visuals that we provide visual solutions and that’s what we successfully accomplished with this Augmented Reality Project. In any given project there are many variables, some easy to calculate and others are not so easy to know going into a project. The difference that makes or breaks a project is the quality of the team and the response that team has when they encounter an issue. Austin Visuals has a history of solving complex challenges and providing visual solutions, this is just one of many examples of the things our teams overcomes during the creative and design process.

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